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The Motor City VS. The Capital City

This Saturday, your #43 Ohio Roller Derby take on #28 Detroit Roller Derby in the final home bout of the season. This bout will not only continue the long-standing rivalry between the two squads, but also acts as a tribute to the rebirth of roller derby, as both Ohio and Detroit were two of the original 30 teams in the WFTDA. For the first time since 2013, Ohio has slid out of Division 1 and will play at the WFTDA Division II Playoffs in Pittsburgh from August 18-20th. Looking for momentum headed into the DII Playoffs, Ohio will continue to rely on a deeper jammer rotation than in seasons past with Gorges Curves and Pain Train leading the charge. Skaters Zee “Loraine Acid” Gulertekin, Lora “Outa My” Wayman, Bigg Rigg, Val Holla, TactiGal, and BrussKnuckles continue to compete to become that third jammer in Ohio’s rotation, all of whom have found success donning the star at different times during the season. Blockers Wayman, Amy Spears, Kelsey Khaos, Chainsaw, Slammerhead, Betty T. KayO, Rigg, and Acid will have their hands full with Detroit’s speedy and powerful jammers. Much like Ohio, Detroit has a lot of depth on the jammer line, but they do

#36 Ohio And #37 Charm City Clash in Columbus

This Saturday, the Charm City Roller Girls make their way to Columbus for the rubber match after each squad has been victorious once in their previous two matchups. Ohio has the most recent victory when they defeated the visitors 200-180 back in March 2015. Charm City was victorious in the first ever matchup in 2013, 232-132. Both squads are different now, and with Ohio currently sitting one spot ahead of Charm in the WFTDA rankings, a lot is riding on this contest. Ohio is 3-3 this season, coming off a tough home loss to Blue Ridge that came down to the final jam a couple of weeks ago. With Ohio and Charm City only one position apart in the rankings, the bout is (on paper) expected to be one of the closest contests all season for Ohio. In fact, Ohio is getting used to playing close games as four of their seven games (including one pre-season, non-sanctioned bout) this season have been decided by 30 points or less. Gorges Curves, Pain Train, and Val Holla continue to be Ohio’s go-to jammers, but Zee "Loraine Acid" Gulertekin stepped up against Blue Ridge and may see more time with the jammer star on


Rolling with renewed momentum following their trip to the Skate to Thrill invitational, Ohio Roller Derby returned to the Ohio Expo Center to spar with Brandywine Roller Derby, a first-time matchup for the two leagues. (35) OHIO SUBDUES (48) BRANDYWINE, 248-108 With 4 sanctioned games already under their skates this year, Ohio has begun to coalesce and fine tune their defense, giving them the leg up on the Brandywine Belligerents, who had not played a game since the 2016 International WFTDA Division 2 championship game last November. A short Brandywine roster also benefited Ohio, as mounting penalties and foul outs became an additional obstacle late in the second half. The Belligerents posted the first 4 points of the game, but Val Holla lit up the pack for 18 points in the second jam, giving Ohio a lead that they would never relinquish. Three jams later, Slammerhead forced Lurz Lemon into a track cut penalty, gifting Ohio the first power jam opportunity of the game and a 9-point gain; Brandywine found their own power jam moments later, grinding out 14 points after Ohio lost lead status on a low block call. Blitz Lemon and Lurz Lemon faced off, with lead going to Brandywine, but

#36 Ohio Welcomes D2 Champs #42 Blue Ridge

This weekend the WFTDA International Division 2 Champions, Blue Ridge Rollergirls, take their shot at your Ohio Roller Derby. This matchup will be the second time the two squads have ever played each other, with Ohio being victorious back in 2013. Ohio is already five bouts deep into their 2017 season with games played against Naptown, Houston, No Coast, Killamazoo, and Brandywine. Ohio’s success has mainly been due to a deeper jammer rotation than in years past. With Gorges Curves, Pain Train, Val Holla, Lora "Outa My" Wayman, Blitz Lemon, and BrussKnuckles able to wear the star, Ohio’s jammers are able to go deeper into the game without sacrificing quality on the jammer line. In fact, three Ohio jammers have been able to eclipse the 100 point mark in three of their five bouts so far, with Val Holla scoring 113 points against Brandywine during Ohio’s last home bout. This bout will be Blue Ridge’s first sanctioned bout of 2017, with upcoming contests against Steel City, Calgary, and Brandywine in a rematch of last season’s Division 2 Championship bout as seen on ESPN3. Blue Ridge’s success lies primarily with superstar jammer, Dr. Octopushy. Dr. Octopushy was the only jammer at the Division


Brandywine Roller Derby will be skating in cadence as they make their way to Columbus from Downingtown (PA) for the first-ever matchup between Brandywine’s Belligerents and Ohio’s charter team. Ohio, who just returned from the Skate To Thrill Invitational in St. Charles, Missouri, currently sits at 2-2 this season. They opened the season with a close loss to rivals Naptown in front of a sell-out Columbus crowd, then dropped their first bout at Skate To Thrill against Houston Roller Derby. Ohio bounced back nicely with an upset victory over No Coast Derby Girls, then took care of business against the Killamazoo Derby Darlins to close their weekend. In the Killamazoo bout, two Ohio jammers eclipsed the century mark in bout scoring, with Pain Train tallying exactly 100 points, and Gorges Curves scoring 140 respectively. Pain Train was named Most Valuable Player for Ohio at the conclusion of the invitational. So far in her career with Ohio, Pain Train has now collected two individual bout MVP awards in two bouts, as well as an invitational MVP award. If it seems as if Ohio has played a lot of derby to start their 2017 season, they have. The Brandywine bout will be


Squeezing in a jam-packed travel weekend between home games, the Ohio Roller Derby All Stars again made the trip to St. Charles, Missouri, to participate in the third annual Skate to Thrill Invitational. Their debut at the tournament in 2016 resulted in a tough first-game loss to No Coast Derby Girls, a last-minute upset over Houston Roller Derby, and a sound victory against the Chicago Outfit. This year, (35) Ohio found themselves rematched against (49) Houston and (34) No Coast on day one, with a third game against the (89) Killamazoo Derby Darlins to round out the weekend. REINED IN BY HOUSTON, 203-259 While Ohio’s season revved up earlier than usual this year, the first game of the weekend was also the first for Houston since WFTDA Division 2 Playoffs last August. Despite the early hour, Houston came out swinging, outscoring Ohio 2-1 over the first twenty minutes of play. Pain Train, Gorges Curves, and Blitz Lemon were undeterred, amassing 34 points over 4 jams; down 82-104 with 5 minutes remaining in the period, a successful official review by Ohio resulted in the expulsion of a Houston skater and a pack advantage. Struggling with penalties for much of the half, Ohio still


After a road trip to Indianapolis in February, Ohio Roller Derby began their twelfth home season with a doubleheader rematch against Naptown Roller Derby. In their tenth meeting in nearly eight years, the Ohio Roller Derby All Stars looked for a more decisive win than their most recent 147-145 victory over the Naptown Roller Derby Tornado Sirens, while Gang Green aimed to beat Naptown’s B-team, the Warning Belles, for the first time since 2009. (35) OHIO FALLS JUST SHORT OF (31) NAPTOWN, 149-162 Knowing that the track to victory would be hard-fought and every single point could prove crucial, the Ohio Roller Derby All Stars launched a rapid assault from the first whistle, with Gorges Curves and Pain Train opening a 17-0 lead in their first home jams for Ohio. Naptown tied up the score over the next two jams, then forced the first lead change of the game in jam 6. Pain Train grabbed lead status in the following jam as Naptown gave up the first power jam opportunity of the period, and posted 14 unanswered points to retake a 37-26 lead. Despite finding themselves at a 3-4 pack disadvantage and eventually losing their jammer to the penalty box, Ohio’s blockers

(35) Ohio Kicks Off 2017 Against (31) Naptown Roller Derby

This Saturday, Ohio Roller Derby dives head first into their 2017 season with a home opener against heated rivals, the Naptown Roller Derby Tornado Sirens (Indianapolis). Ohio and Naptown’s rivalry goes back nearly a decade with Naptown holding a 4-3 advantage in sanctioned play. However, the Tornado Sirens don’t have the last laugh when it comes to this rivalry. Just last month, in Indianapolis, Ohio was able to defeat Naptown in front of their home crowd by a mere two points in an unsanctioned bout. With multiple lead changes in the second half, Ohio fielded recent transfer skater Pain Train on the jammer line who was able to get past two Naptown blockers. In the meanwhile, Chainsaw, Lora "Outa My" Wayman, Betty T. KayO, and Kelsey Khaos held back the Tornado Siren jammer for the game ending call-off for Ohio. Both squads finished their 2016 season by earning trips to the WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs, although they were at different locations. Ohio went 1-3 at the Madison, Wisconsin, playoff location and finished in 9th place after defeating No Coast (Lincoln, NE) in their final bout of the weekend. Naptown played three tough opponents in Rat City (Seattle), Queen City (Buffalo), and

Ohio Roller Derby – 2017 Preview

Ohio Roller Derby will be kicking off their 2017 season in a familiar setting as OHRD will continue to play all its home bouts at the Ohio Building located within the Ohio Expo Center. What may not be familiar to some of Ohio’s die-hard fans are a few of the faces of the skaters that will make up this season’s charter squad. After an impressive debut with Ohio at the Division 1 Playoffs in Madison last season, Ithaca transfer Gorges Curves has solidified herself as a go-to jammer for OHRD and can also be thrown into a clutch pack for defensive purposes if the need arises. Another transfer coming Ohio’s way via Dayton’s Gem City is the powerful Pain Train. In her first action for Ohio last month in an unsanctioned bout at Naptown (Indianapolis), Pain Train obtained lead jammer on the bout’s final jam and was able to solidify a two-point victory for Ohio. If powerful hits and fancy footwork are something you’d be interested in, keep an eye on #00 (short for chOO chOO) as Pain Train will see a lot of track time for OHRD this year. Adding a blast of talent and youth to Ohio’s roster

OHRD’s 2016 Awards Gala

This past Saturday, December 17th, Ohio Roller Derby held their annual end of the year gala where they celebrate the closing of another great season. Thank you all volunteers, skaters, and fans for another successful season. Below are all the award winners from the night. Amy Spears Award: Chainsaw OHRD Spirit Award: Silver Machine Memorable Mentor: Zee "Lorain Acid" Gulertekin Exemplary SportsPersonship Award: Betty T. KayO Most Versatile: The Smacktivist The Great Motivator:  Bigg Rigg Dynamic Duo: Chainsaw and KloverKill Breakout Player of the Season: Blitz Lemon Jammer To Watch Next Season: Bruss Knuckles Blocker To Watch Next Season: Gorges Curves Sweet Moves: The Smacktivist Megaphone Award: Chainsaw Joker In the Pack Award: Amanda Adams Brickhouse Award: Stevie Brown Crowdpleaser Award: The Smacktivist Mastermind Award: Jesse ʺAva Tarrʺ Fox Rookie of the Year: Bruss Knuckles Volunteers Fast Learner: Silver Machine Most Versatile: Kill C. Grammar Most Cosmopolitan: Kill C. Grammar Most Flair: Wendra Woman Welcome Wagon: GalVaTron Outstanding Team Player: Jason Poindexter Most Motivational: Amy Spears Unsung Hero: Drew ʺOHRGreenmanʺ Stafford Gang Green Outstanding Team Player: Death CertifiKate and Elektra Magneto Jammer's Best Friend: Quiet Storm Pivot of the Year: Elektra Magneto Blocker of the Year: Val Holla Jammer of the Year: Tactigal Most Valuable Player: Elektra Magneto Ohio Roller Derby All stars Outstanding Team Player: Betty T. KayO and  Bigg Rigg Jammer's Best Friend: Stevie Brown Pivot of the Year: Kitty Liquorbottom Blocker of the Year: KloverKill and Stevie Brown Jammer