women's flat track roller derby team in columbus, ohio - empowering women and gender-expansive people in sport
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Sponsor Spotlight: Transformation Athletics

OHRD is proud to share another one of our 2018 sponsors: Transformation Athletics! Transformation Athletics was born when former charter skater, The Smacktivist, saw a need in the community for body-positive fitness training. The key principles of Transformation Athletics are: all bodies are good bodies, all bodies are worthy of love, all humans deserve access to trauma-informed modalities of healing, and fitness is for everyone. Taking a trauma and mental health informed approach to coaching, Max works to empower their clients to make healthy choices based on their individual needs. Max is an ISSA certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist and enjoys working with the trans and queer community, and athletes alike, to help folks find healing in strength.

Sponsor Spotlight: Bruised Boutique

OHRD is excited to announce our first sponsor of 2018, Bruised Boutique! Bruised Boutique features an online shop as well as brick-and-mortar locations in Nashua, NH, and Metairie, LA. For all your roller derby needs - be it skate packages, referee shirts, or Derby Skinz in the brightest and shiniest colors - they've got you covered. Their website also features a FAQ section for new and aspiring skaters navigating the world of derby gear, and an in-depth guide to wheels that lays out all the factors you should take into account when selecting your next set. Be sure to check them out online or in person if you're lucky enough to live nearby!

OHRD Sponsor Spotlight: CD102.5

Ohio Roller Derby is proud to be sponsored in part by CD102.5, a local, independently owned and operated alternative radio station in Columbus. Headquartered in the Brewery District, CD102.5’s radio adventure started on August 21, 1990, as CD101 on the dial at 101.1 FM. The station began with the belief that there was a lot of great music not getting played on the radio. There were some success stories around the country of other stations starting up with this mission, and they figured someone needed to start building a great progressive radio station in Columbus. Almost 27 years later, CD102.5 is now one of the top-rated stations in the Columbus market and the only independently owned alternative station in the top 100 markets in the country. They continue to believe in playing what you won’t hear on any other radio station. The station’s heart and soul is the music, but it is also their listeners and their community. CD102.5 makes that clear through the support they continue to show – whether it’s by bringing musicians from the local music scene to the airwaves and in person to their famous Big Room Bar, or by sponsoring local organizations like us. They also sponsor

Sponsor Spotlight: Stasis Services

We here at OHRG appreciate our sponsors!  Today, we're chatting with Paul Graves, founder and technology adviser, at Stasis Services. Stasis Services is a Columbus-based business technology company. Read on to find out more from Paul! Tell us about your business. Stasis Services occupies a unique niche in the IT world.  We specialize in helping small- to mid-size companies reach their business goals through the smart use of technology.  Although we have a great deal of experience with professional firms, our expertise is applicable to many companies and markets How did you get started? The business started as a part-time second job back in 1992.  After being laid off back in 1994, I began working full-time in the business. What is the best part of the work that you do? The best part of my work is watching people become owners and users of technology as a productive tool instead of buying things or services that they under-utilize or don’t understand.   When assisting our clients we strive to keep them engaged and part of the solution process. What is the most important thing you would want people to know about Stasis Services? We aim to have not just a relationship with the client as a service provider, but

Sponsor Spotlight: Body Jewel

Today, we're talking with Danielle, owner of Body Jewel. She is a huge supporter of the Ohio Roller Girls and the roller derby movement. We visited one of her stores to get the scoop on who they are and what they do! 1. Tell us about your business. With the largest selections of quality body jewelry, we pride ourselves in bringing the most up to date styles, designs, and superb customer service in the industry. 2. How did you started? We wanted to do something different, and something we enjoyed. Our goal was to offer a great selection of body jewelry at a reasonable price. It has been 9 years since we started, and we have no plans on slowing down any time soon. 3. Where are your stores located? We have locations at Eastland Mall, Tuttle Mall, and Polaris Mall - all in Columbus. We also have locations in Tri-County Mall (Cincinnati) and the Dayton Mall. 4. How did you find out about the Ohio Roller Girls? Pearl Rogi invited me to a bout. I remember watching the team warm up before the first bout thinking it is going to be like the stuff you saw on TV. I was blown away by their athleticism and grace, it was nothing like what I