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women's flat track roller derby team in columbus, ohio - empowering women and gender-expansive people in sport
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Want to be a skater?


We offer tiered levels of participation, so

you can find the program that is right for you!



Has it been a minute since you strapped rolly shoes to your feet? Or are you brand new to skating? Our Roller Derby 101 program sounds like it’s just what you’re looking for!


Ohio Roller Derby 101 Clinics are a 6 week series of two hour sessions that cover basic derby skills. These clinics are led by Ohio Roller Derby skaters. We cover all of the basic non-contact skills that the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) recommends for folks looking to join a team or become a skating official.


Clinics are a fun environment, a great workout, and an awesome opportunity to learn more about roller derby. These 6 week clinics are $60, and we can provide loaner gear if you don’t have your own!

OHRD Rec Program

If you’ve attended our Roller Derby 101 Clinics, and you’re ready to take the next step, you should check out our Rec Program!


Our Rec Program has multiple tiers of game play to keep it accessible to everyone. From low contact to full contact, we help people progress at a comfortable level, with the goal of improving skills, prepping for scrimmaging, and introducing the rules of derby.


Our Rec Program meets on Tuesday nights over the span of 3 months and costs $75. We encourage skaters to purchase their own gear (with guidance from our veteran skaters), but we have loaner gear available on a first-come, first-served basis for those who need it.


Note: All skating participants who practice in the Ohio Roller Derby practice facility are required to purchase WFTDA insurance.



Ohio Roller Derby is the premier women+ flat track roller derby league of Central Ohio. If you’ve skated in our Rec Program for a while, and you’re ready for the next level of competition – this is it!


We have two competitive teams: the All-Stars, who compete in internationally ranked game play as part of the WFTDA, and Gang Green, our developmental team of up and coming talent.


Our skaters are at all levels of development and work hard year-round to represent our league to the world! OHRD dues are $40 per month and skaters must attend 5-7 practices each month to maintain membership.


Open tryouts are held once per year, in the Fall. Most skaters start out in our Rec Program before trying out for the league. If you are a transfer from an existing league, you can fill out a transfer application here.






Non-Skating Officials

Also known in the derby world as NSOs, our non-skating officials make our games flow smoothly. From scoreboard operation to jam timing, our games wouldn’t happen without our amazing NSO crew. Why join us as an NSO? Hear it from our own crew:


Skating, either as a player or as an official, is only one aspect of derby and there are numerous other ways to contribute. Whether you’re a stats geek, or love the DIY ethos of small organizations, or have a knack for motivational speaking, or are passionate about safety & sportspersonship, there can be a place for you in derby! – Hardkore Lena


This is one of the most inclusive organizations I have been a part of, and everyone can play their own part in this amazing sport and learn a whole new set of skills. – Juvi


Skating Officials

Also known as Referees, our Skating Officials work hard to ensure that game play is fair and safe! They skate the track, watching out for penalties. Whether you have a skating background or not, we strive for a friendly learning environment and we can show you the ropes!


When I started learning to skate, I thought I wasn’t any good, but the officials and skaters around me gave me a ton of encouragement. Now, after more than 200 games, I’m certified and will be the Tournament Head Ref for an upcoming WFTDA recognized tournament! If you’d told me seven years ago I could be agile on skates and accomplish all of that, I’d have said there’s no way. – Stray Taco


Roller derby is a DIY sport. If officiating is not your calling, there are many other opportunities to join Ohio Roller Derby. Our miscellaneous volunteers are in roles like coaching, announcing, marketing, videography, photography, and league management!