Gang Green Muted by Warning Belles
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Gang Green Muted by Warning Belles

Looking to take after their Charter Team counterparts, Ohio’s Gang Green also aimed to avenge an earlier season loss to Naptown.  Unfortunately for Gang Green, the season split was not to be, as Naptown’s Warning Belles were victorious, 181-129, in a bout that wasn’t quite decided until the final few jams.  The bout started strong for both teams as Naptown jammers Pirouette Threat, Scorpiopathic, and Lysis 2 Kill obtained lead status on five of the bout’s first six jams.  With that type of advantage, teams would typically rack up an abundance of points; however, Naptown was only able to capitalize minimally due to Gang Green’s strong defense.  Slammerhead, Garden of Beatin’, Adams and KloverKill bent but didn’t break as they allowed no more than four points each jam and only trailed 15-2 after six jams.

Points were nickel-and-dimed for the majority of the bout as Gang Green jammers TactiGal, Karmabal Lector, HellionBOI, and Blitz Lemon basically matched those posted by their competitors.  With 7:00 remaining in the first half, Naptown held a slim three-point lead 41-38.  Strong defense by Warning Belles blockers Crash N2U, Eve Anne Hellical, and Flannery O’Clobber was then able to hold Karmabal Lector on her initial pass while posing a 19-0 jam, which took the score to 60-38.  Two jams later, Scorpiopathic also posted a double-digit jam, 12-0, to increase the lead to 76-38.  Four points scored by both squads ended the first half with Naptown nearly doubling up on Gang Green, 80-42.

Whatever problems Gang Green was having at the end of the first half were taken care of during halftime as they started the second period with four straight lead jammers.  Taking advantage of two consecutive track cuts to Naptown’s Jade Neutrinos, Gang Green nearly erased their halftime deficit, 76-82, with 25:30 remaining.  Penalties to Val Holla in back-to-back jams gave Naptown some breathing room as the Warning Belles posted a 20-6 with the jammer advantage, stopping Gang Green’s run at a lead change.  A relatively clean bout ensued with minimal points posted by both squads over the next fourteen jams covering sixteen minutes.  With 5:00 left, Naptown still led, but only by 32 points.  Trying to put themselves in a position for a late game comeback, Gang Green jammers simply couldn’t get around the staunch defense of Naptown.  A 21-4 third to last jam essentially sealed the victory for the visitors, as Naptown ran the clock during the next two jams to claim a 181-129 victory.

Following the bout, Most Valuable Blocker awards were presented to Val Holla of Gang Green, and Flannery O’Clobber from the Warning Belles.  Karmabal Lector and Scorpiopathic were awarded Most Valuable Jammers for their respective squads.  The bout against Naptown was Gang Green’s final bout of the 2015 season.

Green Machine Drowns Out Naptown’s Third Alarm

The Green Machine, Ohio’s recently developed third team, also saw competition this weekend as they took on Naptown’s Third Alarm.  In a shortened bout, Ohio’s Green Machine took the lead on the fifth jam and never looked back.  Ohio jammers Pi-Thon, Elektra Magneto, Destroyer Pants, Val Holla , Nicold N Deadly, and Hardkore Lena paced the Green Machine as they were able to obtain lead status for 19 of the bout’s 32 jams.  Bullying defense by T Wrex, BerMurder Triangle, and Last Call Ta’Killya forced six Naptown jammer penalties in the first half, and eight for the bout.  Any type of a comeback that was in the works for the Third Alarm was extinguished late in the second half as the Green Machine effectively managed the clock with lead jammer advantage.  Ohio was able to outscore the Third Alarm in both the first and second half, and cruised to a 117-66 victory.

Photographs by: Joe Mac

Andrew Marron