women's flat track roller derby team in columbus, ohio - empowering women and gender-expansive people in sport
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As the Ohio Roller Girls celebrated their tenth anniversary this weekend, it was Gang Green that turned things up to eleven as they provided that little extra oomph during a 219-84 victory over visiting HazMat Crew, the reserve squad from Burning River Roller Derby.  Following what was a close bout during the first seven jams, Gang Green was able to capture the lead in the eighth jam and never look back.  Stout defense by Gang Green blockers Quiet Storm, NiCold N Deadly, Zinnia Zombie, and Garden of Beatin repeatedly held back HazMat jammers while opening holes for their own jammers throughout the first half.

After finding themselves down 19-20 after jam seven, Val Holla put Gang Green ahead with a 9-0 jam of her own.  Toeing the inside line off the jam start in the next jam, KloverKill added an additional 4-0 to increase Gang Green’s lead to 32-20.  Powerful subsequent jamming by Gang Green’s HellionBOI, Karmabal Lector, and Blitz Lemon paired with even better blocking by Gang Green’s pack players enabled the home squad to go on a 48-5 run that spanned nine jams and thirteen minutes.  With 9:30 remaining in the first half, Gang Green held a 67-25 lead.  A timeout by the HazMat Crew enabled the visiting squad a chance to regroup, as Burning River was then able to obtain lead status in five of the next six jams.  Unfortunately for the HazMat Crew, they were only able to outscore Gang Green 20-14 over those six jams.  The first half ended as Gang Green’s defense once again flexed their collective muscles and held HazMat’s jammers Maverick and Aphrobitey (star pass) scoreless for the entire final jam.  Karmabal Lector posted 13 points for Gang Green and took her team into halftime with a 94-45 lead.

The second half started with MaLoik obtaining lead for Burning River, but a cutting the track penalty forced by Quiet Storm at the end of the jam allowed HellionBOI to start jam two unopposed.  HellionBOI posted nine points to take Gang Green’s lead to 103-47.  Points given to the HazMat Crew on the next jam due to a Karmabal Lector cutting the track penalty were made up in the following jam by Blitz Lemon as she was able to post a 19-0 jam while Piranha was held on her initial pass for the entire two minutes.  Points were nickel-and-dimed over the next thirteen jams, and with 8:30 left in the bout, Gang Green had more than doubled HazMat’s points, 160-78.  Jam eighteen started well for the HazMat Crew as MaLoik quickly obtained lead and started scoring points.  However, Gang Green’s Pi-Thon forced not only a low block, but a subsequent forearm penalty on the visiting jammer which kept her in the box for a full minute that included the start of the next jam.  Unopposed, Karmabal Lector gained lead and quickly began scoring as MaLoik was sent back to the box for a back block penalty.  Karma’s fifteen pointer was followed by a Val Holla grand slam and a 25-0 KloverKill jam to end the contest.  As the final whistle blew, it was Gang Green taking a celebratory victory lap as they claimed a 219-84 win over the HazMat Crew.

Following the contest, Gang Green’s Quiet Storm and Burning River’s Concrete Blonde were named Most Valuable Blockers for their respective teams.  Karmabal Lector and MaLoik were named Most Valuable Jammers.

Unofficial jamming and scoring for Gang Green are as follows:  Karmabal Lector (5-10, 69 pts), KloverKill (8-12, 66 pts), HellionBOI (5-11, 36 pts), Blitz Lemon (5-6, 34 pts), Val Holla (2-4, 14 pts), and NiCold N Deadly (0-1, 0 pts).  Gang Green obtained lead jammer twenty-five times and were on five power jams.

Unofficial jamming and scoring for Burning River’s HazMat Crew are as follows:  MaLoik (10-16, 35 pts), Dee Crypt (4-5, 26 pts), Midnight Smack (3-10, 9 pts), Furious George (1-3, 7 pts), Carmina Piranha (1-3, 3 pts), Aphrobitey (0-6, 3 pts), FuzzKill (0-4, 1 pt), Lucky Harms (0-1, 0 pts), and Gone Maverick (0-2, 0 pts).  The HazMat Crew obtained lead status nineteen times and were on six power jams.

Cover Photo by Joe Mac

Andrew Marron