women's flat track roller derby team in columbus, ohio - empowering women and gender-expansive people in sport
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While it wasn’t as bad as Gang Green’s 308-70 victory over the Demolition City Destruction Dames earlier this season, the 250-93 defeat of the Dames in Columbus last weekend had pretty much the same feel.  At first it appeared Gang Green might have a battle on their hands as Demolition City kept the bout tight for the first five minutes thanks to charter team members Godjilla and Jetsy Rockette playing with the reserve squad.  However, a 17-0 jam by Blitz Lemon on the period’s sixth jam gave Gang Green a lead they would never relinquish.  Lemon would have a career bout as she led all scorers with 122 points, nearly half of Gang Green’s total, thus earning her Most Valuable Jammer for Gang Green.

Equally as impressive as Lemon’s performance on the jammer line was the physical play by Gang Green’s pack.  In the first half, the Destruction Dames were able to obtain lead jammer ten times of the twenty-four jams.  Tough defensive Gang Green walls stymied Dames jammers, and more often than not, kept them on their initial pass.  With only 54 points at halftime for the Dames, Gang Green’s defense only allowed a 5+ point jam twice in the first thirty minutes of the contest, both of which came during power jams.  Working together like a well-oiled machine, Texas Chainsaw Sasskicker and KloverKill led the pack for Gang Green.  In the late 80’s, the WWF featured a successful tag team, ironically called Demolition, who were feared by their competitors.  Chainsaw and KloverKill portrayed teamwork and physicality that even their tag-team champion counterparts Axe and Smash would have been impressed with.  Constantly pounding the opposing jammers, the duel threat for Gang Green made it miserable at the front of the pack for the visitors from Evansville, Indiana.  In a virtual toss-up for Most Valuable Blocker, the award eventually went to KloverKill.

Also playing well for Gang Green in the pack were Lil Spitfire, Garden of Beatin’, Pistol Whippin Wendy, and Quiet Storm.  Combine their efforts with recent transfer Val Holla from Dominion, and Gang Green’s defense looked nearly impenetrable.  Gang Green stuck with primarily a four-jammer rotation with Elektra Magneto, Lemon, Ally McSqueal, and Sarah Bruce rotating turns with the star.

Gang Green secured lead jammer two-thirds of the jams in the second half to outscore Demolition City’s Destruction Dames 136-39 in the final thirty minutes.  Double-digit jams by Lemon, Bruce, and Pi-Thon within the final eight jams were the proverbial nails in the coffin for a bout that was already securely in hand for Gang Green.  Gang Green improved their overall record to 5-6 with the 250-93 victory over the Destruction Dames.  In what truly was a team effort, Gang Green will have good things to work off of as they head into a break before taking the track again on August 9th in St. Louis.

 Note:  Stats were unofficial at the writing of this article.

Jamming for Gang Green was:  Blitz Lemon (10-12, 122 points), Sarah Bruce (6-9, 46 points), Elektra Magneto (6-11, 36 points), Ally McSqueal (4-9, 27 points), Pi-Thon (2-3, 19 points), and TactiGal (0-1, 0 points).  Gang Green obtained lead jammer twenty-eight times and were on four power jams.  Blitz Lemon and KloverKill were named Most Valuable Jammer and Blocker, respectively.

Jamming for Demolition City’s Destruction Dames was:  Hurtz Donut (6-17, 39 points), Jetsy Rockette (7-13, 31 points), Tenacious V (2-9, 20 points), Hell Kat (0-1, 2 points), Boss A-Train (2-2, 1 point), and Godjilla (0-3, 0 points).  The Destruction Dames obtained lead jammer seventeen times and were on three power jams.  Hurtz Donut was named Most Valuable Jammer, while Kin’ney Shot was named Most Valuable Blocker for the Dames.

Photos by Dorn Byg.

Andrew Marron