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The fifth annual Midwest BrewHaHa is in the books and Ohio’s Gang Green left Milwaukee sporting a 1-1 tournament record to take their overall season mark to 4-4.  On Friday, Gang Green opened a decent lead against the host squad, Brewcity Battlestars, before fending off a late comeback. Gang Green then lost a tough battle with Madison, Wisconsin’s, B-Team on Saturday morning.


Hop Devil started the bout quickly for Ohio as she was able to get lead jammer and post a quick 11-0 jam against Violet Femme for Brewcity.  An Ally McSqueal track cut on jam five led to the first power jam of the contest.  Starting unopposed, Busty Guns scored eleven and created the bout’s first lead change, 20-18 Brewcity.  A steady Gang Green jammer rotation of Hop, Ally, and Blitz Lemon kept the deficit to single digits until TactiGal was able to force a back block on Battlestars’ jammer Mellon Collie on the fourteenth jam of the half.  Hop Devil took advantage for Gang Green and scored 13, swinging the scoreboard back to Ohio’s favor, 42-38.

Gang Green’s lead didn’t last long as two jams later, Brewcity’s defense was able to hold jammers Pi-Thon and Elektra Magneto (star pass) on their collective initial pass while Mellon Collie made up for her previous penalty and posted 23 unanswered points.  The defensive stand put the Battlestars back ahead 61-51 with 8:45 remaining in the half.  Not to be outdone, Gang Green’s defense returned the favor, as Brewcity’s jammer 10Acious-D picked up two consecutive penalties (a forearm against  Pistol Whippin Wendy and a track cut drawn by Texas Chainsaw Sasskicker) while Sarah Bruce added 22 points to Ohio’s total.   The first half ended five jams later with Gang Green holding the advantage, 91-68.


Gang Green would stay ahead for the rest of the contest, but not without a fight from Brewcity. Brewcity played the second half like a completely different team as it appeared the intermission gave the Battlestars a chance to reconsider how they should attack Gang Green’s defense.  Their halftime adjustments worked as Brewcity was able to get twice as many lead jammers in the second half as their counterparts, 16-8.  Brewcity rode their hottest jammer, Mellon Collie, every three jams in their comeback efforts.  Mellon Collie was the high scorer in the bout with 83 points.  Fortunately for Gang Green, jammer Hop Devil was finding just as much success as she finished with 80 points. 

Brewcity chipped away at Gang Green’s lead throughout the second half but Ohio jammers minimized the damage by playing cleanly and staying out of the penalty box.  Conversely, Gang Green’s Chainsaw and KloverKill were able to force two jammer penalties on Brewcity.  They were able to score 12 points off of the penalties which was the bulk of the 19 point game ending difference.  With 8:40 remaining, it appeared Gang Green would comfortably cruise to a victory, ahead 150-104.  However, the Battlestars would go on a 19-5 run over the next seven jams to cut Gang Green’s lead to 32 points with one final jam to play.  The two highest point scorers, Hop and Collie, took the track for the final showdown.  It was Mellon Collie who obtained lead and raced around for four scoring passes and 17 points.  Hop was able to post 4 for Gang Green as the Ohio squad held on late for a 159-140 victory.  MVPs of the contest were Hop Devil for Gang Green and Mellon Collie for Brewcity.



Following their victory the previous day over the Brewcity Battlestars, Gang Green looked to go 2-0 at BrewHaHa but ran into a tough, hard-hitting Dairyland Dolls B-Team from Madison, WI.  Unlike the Friday bout, there were no lead changes as Madison held the lead from the first jam on.  Gang Green routinely placed Hop Devil, Ally McSqueal, Blitz Lemon, and Hope Dela Vega on the jammer line but the experience of Madison’s pack caused fits for Ohio’s offensive plans and strategy.  Of the first half’s twenty-one jams, Gang Green was only able to muster six lead jammer statuses to Madison’s fourteen (one jam did not have a lead jammer).  Gang Green was able to stay close in the first half thanks to stellar defense at opportune times that caused four jammer penalties on Madison.  At the half, Madison’s B-Team held a 113-71 lead. 

The second half nearly mirrored the first with Madison earning fourteen lead jammers to Gang Green’s five.  The highlight of the second half was a stretch between jams 8-10 when Gang Green’s defense forced five jammer penalties on Madison.  Great track awareness positional blocking by Sarah Bruce, Garden of Beatin, Nicold N Deadly, Pistol Whippin Wendy, and KloverKill frustrated the Madison jammers into three back blocks, a forearm, and a track cut in those three jams.  Overall, it was a good effort by Gang Green against a team with more experience playing together.  Although Gang Green got as close as 30 points with 13:45 remaining, Madison was able to pull away late and take the victory 238-142. 

Photos courtesy of Steve Jurokovic.

Andrew Marron