GANG GREEN TAKES DOWN PLAN B (Kitchener, Ontario) 247-94
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GANG GREEN TAKES DOWN PLAN B (Kitchener, Ontario) 247-94

To Plan B, or not to Plan B… that was the question going into Saturday’s reserve squad battle between Ohio’s Gang Green and Tri-City’s Plan B.  The answer was simple as Gang Green brought strength, depth, and an overall dominant performance to the track as they soundly defeated the visitors 247-94.  Gang Green started slowly as Plan B took an early 8-7 lead going into the fourth jam.  A multiplayer block to Plan B’s Commander Will Wrecker allowed Blitz Lemon to score a 17-0 jam, thus creating the bout’s first (and only) lead change.  Lemon’s power jam was followed by a 14-0 jam by Hop Devil which took Gang Green’s lead to 38-8 with 22:30 remaining in the first period.

A string of eight straight lead jammers for Gang Green allowed the home squad to go on an 86-4 run over Tri-City and extend their lead to 93-12.  The final jam of that run saw Gang Green’s pack force a track cut to Plan B’s Slaughterhouse Streeter, which put Blitz Lemon on yet another power jam.  Lemon took full advantage of a strong pack that was able to hold Streeter on her initial pass after being released from the box and scored a 35-0 jam. Two jams later, an illegal procedure penalty to Gang Green’s Elektra Magneto provided the only double digit jam of the period for Plan B, a 10-0 run which cut Ohio’s lead to 96-24 with 9:45 remaining.

Points went back and forth over the final seven jams of the first period, but play was highlighted by Gang Green’s Hop Devil and Ally McSqueal, who scored jams of 15 and 12 points respectively near the end of the half.  Throughout the first period, Gang Green blockers were able to hold Plan B jammers on their initial pass for the majority of the jams.  Sarah Bruce, Texas Chainsaw Sasskicker, Quiet Storm, and Elektra Magneto all provided big hits at opportune times, creating big gaps in the pack for their jammers.  At the half, Gang Green was comfortably ahead 145-49.  Blitz Lemon had a career half, as she went 5-5 in obtaining lead jammer and scored 69 points by the intermission.

As dominant as the first half was for Gang Green, the second period was equally as impressive.  Ohio outscored Tri-City’s Plan B 102-49 in the half and obtained lead jammer status 14 out of 23 jams.  Gang Green suffered a minor hiccup on the first jam of the half as Plan B was able to post 8-0 following a Hop Devil track cut.  Several “hit and quit” jams later and Gang Green continued to lead 171-65 with 20:00 remaining.  A forearm penalty to Pitty Afoo allowed Ally McSqueal to score 13-0 on the half’s ninth jam.  Gang Green then earned a run of six straight lead jammers and outscored Plan B 35-0, taking the score to 219-65.  Back to back penalties for Gang Green jammers ended Plan B’s point drought as they were able to score 19 with the advantage.

The final six jams were kept to minimal points, with Gang Green outscoring Plan B 21-10.  As the final whistle blew, it was Gang Green improving their 2014 record to 2-1 with a 247-94 victory over the visitors.  NiCold N Deadly, KloverKill, Garden of Beatin, and Pistol Whippin Wendy all took turns frustrating Plan B’s 1-2 jammer rotation of Pitty Afoo and Psykosonic during the final 30 minutes of gameplay while Gang Green demonstrated tenacious defense and disciplined pack play.  Following the contest, Sarah Bruce (Gang Green) and Slaughterhouse Streeter (Plan B) were named their team’s Most Valuable Blocker.  Ally McSqueal (Gang Green) and Pitty Afoo (Plan B) were named Most Valuable Jammers.

Jamming for Gang Green was:  Blitz Lemon (5-5, 69 points), Ally McSqueal (7-13, 57 points), Hop Devil (4-9, 56 points), Lita Fuse (3-5, 31 points), Sarah Bruce (2-2, 16 points), Texas Chainsaw Sasskicker (2-2, 11 points), TactiGal (2-3, 7 points), NiCold N Deadly (1-1, 0 points), Elektra Magneto (0-1, 0 points), and Garden of Beatin (0-1, 0 points).  Gang Green obtained lead jammer twenty-six times and took advantage of five power jams.

Jamming for Tri-City’s Plan B was:  Pitty Afoo (7-15, 52 points), Psykosonic (5-17, 23 points), Cannonball Doll (0-2, 8 points), Smash (2-3, 6 points), Lilith No Fair (0-1, 5 points), Commander Will Wrecker (1-5, 0 points), and Slaughterhouse Streeter (0-2, 0 points).  Plan B obtained lead jammer fifteen times and found themselves on six power jams.

Photos by Dorn Byg of Byg Day Photography (full set here).

Andrew Marron