women's flat track roller derby team in columbus, ohio - empowering women and gender-expansive people in sport
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After watching the Ohio Roller Girls defeat the Music City All Stars in the previous bout, Gang Green would make it an Ohio sweep over the visitors from Nashville, Tennessee, defeating the Brawl Stars 170-114 in the season opener.  A close bout throughout the first half featured four lead changes and a slim lead at the half for Gang Green.  However, a 112-68 point second half advantage for Gang Green left little doubt late that Gang Green would take home the victory.

Skating in her first bout with Gang Green, Hop Devil opened the scoring for the home squad after calling the jam 4-0.  After tying the bout on the next jam, Nashville’s Electric Boogaloo would create the first lead change after securing a 3-0.  Boogaloo’s three point jam put the Brawl Stars ahead 7-4.  The lead would not last long, as it was again Hop Devil scoring four more points that gave the lead back to Gang Green 8-7.  Points were nickel-and-dimed over the next three jams until Nashville swung the scoreboard back in their favor 16-15 with 19:00 remaining in the first period.

A string of lead jammers for Nashville’s Big Banger, Electric Boogaloo, Cruella Lavelle, and Ginger Juke increased the Brawl Stars lead over the next six jams.  With 11:00 remaining, Nashville led 38-15, and had kept Gang Green scoreless for just over eleven minutes.  Quick hit-and-quit jams by Gang Green’s Blitz Lemon and Ally McSqueal stopped the bleeding and cut into the lead 23-38.  Some confusion on the period’s twentieth jam over the legality of a star pass between Brawl Stars’ Big Banger and Cruella Lavelle left Nashville jammerless for a considerable amount of time during the jam.  The confusion for Nashville allowed Blitz Lemon to score 20 unanswered points.  Lemon’s shake-up provided the fourth, and last, lead change of the bout as she put Gang Green ahead 47-42.

On the next subsequent jam, Gang Green’s Texas Chainsaw Sasskicker forced a track cut to Ginger Juke that allowed Hop Devil to post back to back double-digit jams for Gang Green.  Hops’ 11 point jam increased the Gang Green lead to 58-42 with 3:00 remaining.  Nashville was able to post three additional points before halftime, and both squads entered their locker rooms with Gang Green holding a slim 58-46 advantage.

Whereas the first half saw four total power jams (two for each team), the second half was marred with jammer penalties, twelve in all.  With only twenty jams in the second period, Ohio was on a power jam seven times, nearly a third of the period.  A 13-0 jam by Gang Green’s Elektra Magneto on the third jam jumped her squad’s lead to 71-49.  Two jams later, it was both jammers, Big Banger and Hop Devil, taking turns in the penalty box.  With no lead jammer, Hops eventually outscored Banger 12-10 to take the score to 83-63 with 23:00 left.

Strong defense by Gang Green’s Garden of Beatin’, Sk8 Crime, Pistol Whippin’ Wendy, Zinnia Zombie, Sarah Bruce, and Kill Basa over the next several jams allowed minimal points by Brawl Stars jammers while eating clock for Gang Green.  With 11:30 left, Gang Green continued to lead 117-86.  On the fourteenth jam, it was again Gang Green’s defense that forced Big Banger into a track cut that allowed Ally McSqueal to post a huge 20-4 jam.  Just three jams later, it was again Big Banger going to the box twice that opened the door for Blitz Lemon to post a 15-2.  The 30-9 run put Gang Green ahead 152-99 with only 5:00 left in the game.  Two jammer penalties to Gang Green in the final two jams allowed Nashville to cut into the lead slightly, but the clock was not on their side.  As the final whistle blew, it was Gang Green taking their season opener 170-114.  Most Valuable Player awards were given to Hop Devil for Gang Green and Cole Hearted for the Brawl Stars.

Jamming for Gang Green were:  Hop Devil (6-13, 58 pts), Blitz Lemon (3-6, 43 pts), Ally McSqueal (3-7, 24 pts), KloverKill (1-4, 21 pts), Elektra Magneto (2-5, 17 pts), Sarah Bruce (1-6, 4 pts), and Texas Chainsaw Sasskicker (1-3, 3 pts). Gang Green obtained lead jammer seventeen times and benefited from nine power jams.

Jamming for the Nashville Music City Brawl Stars were: Big Banger (10-15, 49 pts), Ginger Juke (7-9, 28 pts), Electric Boogaloo (6-17, 28 pts), and Cruella Lavelle (0-3, 9 pts).  The Brawl Stars obtained lead jammer twenty-three times and were on seven power jams.

GANG GREEN (P-Pivot, J-Jammer, B-Blocker)

138 Sarah Bruce (P/J/B) | 15 Zinnia Zombie (B) | 16 Garden of Beatin’  (B) | 19 Texas Chainsaw Sasskicker (P/J/B) | 2011 Nicold N Deadly (B) | 216 KillBasa (B) | 22 Blitz Lemon J/B) | 33 Hop Devil (J) | 38 Pistol Whippin’ Wendy (B) | 43 Ally McSqueal (J/B) | 50 Sk8 Crime (B) | 99 Klover Kill (J/B) | C4 TactiGal (B) | V0LT Elektra Magneto (J/B)


0260 Tenacious Diesel | 027 Cole Hearted | 121 Jigglewatts | 1976 Electric Boogaloo | 137 Big Banger | 350 Suzy Ho’maker | 4AM Rage-Oholic | 515 Cruella Lavelle | 71 Ginger Juke | 867 Evil Mendes | 92 Sailor Cherry | 925  Bling of Fire | 94 Smasha Fierce

Photos by Dorn Byg of Byg Day Photography (full set here).

Andrew Marron