OHRD’s 2016 Awards Gala
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OHRD’s 2016 Awards Gala

This past Saturday, December 17th, Ohio Roller Derby held their annual end of the year gala where they celebrate the closing of another great season. Thank you all volunteers, skaters, and fans for another successful season.

Below are all the award winners from the night.

Amy Spears Award: Chainsaw
OHRD Spirit Award: Silver Machine
Memorable Mentor: Zee “Lorain Acid” Gulertekin
Exemplary SportsPersonship Award: Betty T. KayO
Most Versatile: The Smacktivist
The Great Motivator:  Bigg Rigg
Dynamic Duo: Chainsaw and KloverKill
Breakout Player of the Season: Blitz Lemon

Jammer To Watch Next Season: Bruss Knuckles
Blocker To Watch Next Season: Gorges Curves
Sweet Moves: The Smacktivist
Megaphone Award: Chainsaw
Joker In the Pack Award: Amanda Adams
Brickhouse Award: Stevie Brown
Crowdpleaser Award: The Smacktivist
Mastermind Award: Jesse ʺAva Tarrʺ Fox
Rookie of the Year: Bruss Knuckles


Fast Learner: Silver Machine
Most Versatile: Kill C. Grammar
Most Cosmopolitan: Kill C. Grammar
Most Flair: Wendra Woman
Welcome Wagon: GalVaTron
Outstanding Team Player: Jason Poindexter
Most Motivational: Amy Spears
Unsung Hero: Drew ʺOHRGreenmanʺ Stafford

Gang Green

Outstanding Team Player: Death CertifiKate and Elektra Magneto
Jammer’s Best Friend: Quiet Storm
Pivot of the Year: Elektra Magneto
Blocker of the Year: Val Holla
Jammer of the Year: Tactigal
Most Valuable Player: Elektra Magneto

Ohio Roller Derby All stars

Outstanding Team Player: Betty T. KayO and  Bigg Rigg
Jammer’s Best Friend: Stevie Brown
Pivot of the Year: Kitty Liquorbottom
Blocker of the Year: KloverKill and Stevie Brown
Jammer of the Year: The Smacktivist
Most Valuable Player: The Smacktivist

Write-in Award

Do you even know how to lose your cool? Award: Kermit
The High Mile Award: Crash
Award for Best Rookie Name: LGBTease
Gang Green Small but Mighty Award: Lil’ Spitfire
Most likely to give birth on bout day: Ally McSqueal
Silent Metronome Award: BerMurder Triangle

Photographs by Chainsaw