Tri-City Stamps Their Passports To Visit Ohio
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Tri-City Stamps Their Passports To Visit Ohio

This Saturday, the Ohio Roller Derby hosts Tri-City Roller Derby from Kitchener, Ontario, in a battle as both squads look to make the jump back into Division 1. In WFTDA, teams ranked 1-40 fall into the Division 1 playoff structure at the end of the season, with teams between 41-60 placed in the Division 2 playoffs. Ohio, currently ranked #41 after the most recent WFTDA rankings release, should jump back into the 30s next month as they look to continue their presence in the Division 1 postseason. Tri-City is currently ranked #47 and needs some favorable outcomes over the next few months to work their way back into the top 40.

Currently 2-1 in their 2016 campaign, the Tri-City Thunder opened the season as a participant at Quad City Chaos, a weekend invitational hosted by Toronto Roller Derby in mid-March. At Quad City Chaos, the Thunder were victorious over Roller Derby Quebec 193-139, and against the Toronto All Stars 207-158. The Thunder’s lone setback at Chaos was against the Queen City Roller Girls, 209-71, a team they’ll have a rematch with in May at the Tri-City-hosted Beaver Fever Invitational. According to their schedule, Tri-City only has a handful of bouts remaining in 2016. They’ll play three bouts at Beaver Fever against Rideau Valley, Calgary, and the aforementioned Queen City. After Beaver Fever, they only have one more bout scheduled against Ann Arbor in late June.

The Thunder have solid jammer rotation with multiple skaters able to take the star. Jammers you’re likely to see this weekend include Crazy Squirrel, Megantron, Annex, Janegerous, and Kristy Skelton. Janegerous is a new addition to Tri-City and made her debut with the Thunder at Quad City Chaos after transferring from the Hammer City Roller Girls (Hamilton, Ontario). She offers a physical counter to the shifty, quick jukes found in the arsenals of Crazy Squirrel and Annex. Tri-City’s blocking core will more than likely be anchored by skaters Aggrosaurus, Pity Afoo, Anne Tastic, Janegerous, and Skelton.

Ohio Roller Derby are 4-1 so far during their 2016 season with victories over Ann Arbor, Ithaca, Houston, and the Chicago Outfit. Their lone loss was a setback against No Coast at the Skate to Thrill invitational earlier this month. Following their bout with Tri-City, Ohio still has six bouts on their schedule before they earn a spot in the playoffs. With The Smacktivist and Lora “Outa My” Wayman sharing the jamming load this season, Ohio skaters Zee “Loraine Acid” Gulertekin, Blitz Lemon, and Bigg Rigg are also able to put a lot of points on the board.

Following the Ohio and Tri-City bout, Gang Green will play Tri-City’s reserve squad, Plan B. The charter bout will start at 5:00 with the Gang Green bout to follow, at approximately 7:00. Tickets can be purchased through Ohio’s website at

Photos by: Joe Mac

Andrew Marron