women's flat track roller derby team in columbus, ohio - empowering women and gender-expansive people in sport
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After watching the Ohio Roller Girls’ charter team have a 24 consecutive home winning streak snapped by the Atlanta Rollergirls in the previous bout, Gang Green was hoping for a little revenge for their sisters in skate as they took the track against Atlanta’s reserve squad, the Rumble Bs.  Unfortunately, it was Atlanta’s two squads that left the Lausche Building with a pair of victories over Mother’s Day weekend. 


As much as the skaters for Gang Green never gave up, and the home crowd applauded their efforts, the Rumble Bs simply dominated the contest from the first to final whistle.  Of the first half’s twenty-one jams, Atlanta’s reserve squad secured lead jammer nineteen times to Gang Green’s two.  Atlanta went with a five jammer rotation which kept their skaters fresh, while Gang Green primarily jammed Hop Devil, Ally McSqueal, and Blitz Lemon.  Although they played clean derby in the first half, the Gang Green jammers simply had too much working against them as the Rumble Bs repeatedly recycled on defense and formed nearly impenetrable walls over the duration of the contest. 


Although they were outscored 129-43 in the first half, the Gang Green defense did show some moxie as they were able to force three jammer penalties against the Rumble Bs.  In an era of derby where power jams can make the difference between winning and losing, Gang Green still had difficulty scoring points.  In fact, of the three first half power jams for Gang Green, the Ohio jammers were held to 29 points with the Atlanta jammer in the box. 


The second half mirrored the first as the fast paced and physical play worked to Atlanta’s advantage. Their defense became stronger and forced five  jammer penalties against Gang Green.  Ohio was able to obtain lead status six times in the second half, but was only able to score ten points with the advantage. The majority of their other points came during an 18 point power jam by Blitz Lemon. As the final seconds ticked off the game clock, it was the Atlanta Rumble Bs who took the victory 277-74. 

Following the bout, Gang Green skaters Hop Devil and Quiet Storm were named Ohio’s Most Valuable Jammer and Blocker respectively.  The Boss and Madditude Adjustment took the honors for the Rumble Bs.

The loss slid Gang Green to an even .500 with an overall 3-3 record.  Up next for Gang Green is a trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to participate at the Midwest BrewHaHa invitational where they will play the host’s B-team, the Brewcity Battlestars, and the Madison Mad Rollin’ Dolls B-team.


Jamming for Gang Green were:  Hop Devil (3-13, 35 points), Blitz Lemon (4-12, 24 points), TactiGal (0-1, 9 points), Quiet Storm (1-1, 4 points), Sarah Bruce (0-7, 1 point), Lita Fuse (0-3, 1 point), and Ally McSqueal (0-7, 0 points).  Gang Green obtained lead jammer status eight times and were on five power jams. 

Jamming for the Atlanta Rumble Bs were:  The Boss (10-11, 93 points), Genie In a Battle (6-9, 62 points), Hate Ashbury (5-6, 61 points), Nora Gretz (9-10, 39 points), and Fullatrix Lestrange (5-7, 22 points).  The Rumble Bs obtained lead jammer thirty-five times and found themselves on six power jams. 

Ohio Roller Girls Gang Green

138 Sarah Bruce | 15 Zinnia Zombie | 16 Garden of Beatin’ | 19 Texas Chainsaw Sasskicker | 1989 Lita Fuse | 2011 Nicold N Deadly | 22 Blitz Lemon | 314 Pi-Thon | 33 Hop Devil | 38 Pistol Whippin’ Wendy | 43 Ally McSqueal | 7 Quiet Storm | C4 Tactigal | V0LT Elektra Magneto

Atlanta Rollergirls Rumble Bs

06 Harper Lethal | 0711 Genie in a Bottle | 1979 The Ruffian | 23 Madditude Adjustment | 49 Sissy Splaysek | 516 The Boss | 67 Hate Ashbury | 70 Feral Brady | 87 ICU Dead | 93 Fullatrix Lestrange | 99 Nora Gretz | C4 Tica Boom | L3Z Lez Dispenser | LIM8 Rosie Derivator

Photos by Dorn Byg of Byg Day Photography (full set here).

Andrew Marron