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Rolling into the second half of their home season, Ohio Roller Derby welcomed Charlottesville Derby Dames (Charlottesville, VA) for an evening of exciting, closely-contested derby action on May 12th.


The All Star game showed itself as a battle of grinding defense early in the first period, with both sides denying any significant point gain and hovering within easy striking distance through halftime.

Fighting to establish an initial advantage, BrussKnuckles posted the first four points in jam two, but a power jam for Charlottesville permitted a 5-0 gain and the first of five lead changes. Bigg Rigg flipped the balance in jam four, eking out two points before three lead jammer calls in a row allowed the Virginia squad to retake the lead and begin building on it. Held scoreless for four jams, Ohio offered Charlottesville similar treatment with quick call offs, and jam eleven brought progress to a halt as both jammers spent two full minutes fighting tenacious defense without ever completing their initial passes. While Betty T. KayO forced Gemmatron out of bounds and back to the rear of the pack, Bigg Rigg slipped out to snag lead status and twelve unanswered points, boosting Ohio to a 24-16 lead. Ohio continued to stall Charlottesville progress despite depleted defense, with Kelsey Khaos tracking the opposing jammer and a formidable tripod of Jesse “Ava Tarr” Fox, Betty T. KayO, and Lora “Outa My” Wayman burning out a power jam opportunity for the Virginia team. With under five minutes in the half, Charlottesville retook the lead once more with a quick 3-0 improvement, and held Ohio to a single point gain as the clock ticked down to halftime.

With the teams separated by just 17 points – the biggest divide of the game yet – Ohio looked for a second half comeback and held Charlottesville scoreless at 36-53 in the first jam of the second period. A track cut penalty assessed to the Ohio jammer allowed Charlottesville to post a 19-0 jam that snowballed into five shutouts in a row, nearly doubling their lead over eight minutes of play. Bigg Rigg raked in Ohio’s first points of the half with a 13-8 gain, while Amy Spears, Pain Train, and KloverKill forced Spank Puncherella into a star pass. With penalties piling up, Charlottesville ran jams long and squeezed as many points out of each one as possible, but Betty T. KayO and BrussKnuckles chased down points of their own, and Bigg Rigg ran away on a power start to post a 7-0 jam with offensive assistance from Paige Bleed and Jesse “Ava Tarr” Fox. Defense crunched down once more as Ohio fought to reduce the 68-130 deficit, sneaking quick handfuls of points and regaining momentum with under eight minutes remaining. Grabbing lead jammer status in each of the final five jams, Bigg Rigg, BrussKnuckles, and Val Holla earned a combined 40 points, while Kitty Liquorbottom and Zee “Loraine Acid” Gulertekin swarmed the Charlottesville jammer. An 11-8 jam settled the final score of 108-165.

MVPs for Ohio were Bigg Rigg (jammer) and Betty T. KayO (blocker).
MVPs for Charlottesville were Spank Puncherella (jammer) and Rae Gunn (blocker).

Official lead status gain, jamming, and scoring for Ohio were: Bigg Rigg (8-2, 59 pts.); BrussKnuckles (7-14, 26 pts.); Val Holla (4-12, 12 pts.); Zee “Loraine Acid” Gulertekin” (0-6, 0 pts.); Betty T. KayO (0-2 [2 star passes], 0 pts.); and Pain Train (0-4 [4 star passes], 0 pts.)

Official lead status gain, jamming, and scoring for Charlottesville were: River Styx Phoenix (7-12, 42 pts.); Spank Puncherella (6-9, 37 pts.); Machete (3-12 [4 star passes], 32 pts.); Stonewallup (4-11, 29 pts.); Raven Darkhold (1-4, 22 pts.); Smaks Fifth Avenue (1-2, 3 pts.); Gemmatron (0-2, 0 pts.); and Ice Tease (0-1, 0 pts.)


Despite being ultimately unable to surmount a 40-point deficit in the second half, Gang Green found victories in holding their own against a largely A-level Charlottesville roster and controlling the lead for most of the first half of the game.

Coming out swinging, Birch Slap posted the first three points for Gang Green, and an early rash of blocker penalties for the Belmont Bruisers helped Jane Goodfall and Just Jane open an 18-9 lead while rookies Sheepskate, Avocado Toestop, and Higgs Bosom ran interference. An illegal procedure on a star pass landed the Charlottesville jammer in the penalty box, providing a power start for Belle A. Trix and a 9-3 gain in jam nine. Halfway through the period, the Bruisers capitalized on their first power jam opportunity of the game for 14 points, minimizing the Gang Green lead to 39-31; Birch Slap retaliated by snagging lead status from the penalty box and posting 9 uncontested points. Jane Goodfall picked up lead and lost it on a penalty in jam fifteen, but enjoyed a full minute of power jam time as Birch Slap, Fearrari, and HardKore Lena drew the Charlottesville jammer into committing back-to-back penalties. The Belmont Bruisers managed to shut out the home squad for three straight jams, finally finding a narrow 9-point lead with just over three minutes in the period. In spite of jammer penalties, Gang Green scooped up eight more points for a halftime score of 64-83.

Just Jane opened the second half with a quick 4-0 run, leaving Foxy Force and Sheepskate to delay Spank Puncherella; TactiGal hauled in 13 more points in jam three before Belle A. Trix exploited dual penalties to the Bruisers jammer for a grand slam. Finding momentum with a 19-0 jam, Charlottesville tried to negate Gang Green progress, but consistent 4-point gains by the Columbus team kept things relatively even. Higgs Bosom, Kegel Scout, and Sarah Sexton held Electrick Slaydee to a single scoring pass while Birch Slap matched points, and Jane Goodfall cleared the pack with an apex jump for a 4-0 improvement. Belle A. Trix swung through a depleted pack on a power jam, gathering 5 clean points; staunch defense from Vyles and LGBTease held Charlottesville to a single-point gain while Just Jane juked around defenders for 6 of her own. With time running out, a power start allowed Gang Green to make a final 9-0 addition to their points, and a 0-0 final jam brought the score to 133-172.

MVPs for Gang Green were Belle A. Trix (jammer) and Foxy Force (blocker).
MVPS for South Bend were Electrick Slaydee (jammer) and Laura Lambert (blocker).

Official lead status gain, jamming, and scoring for Gang Green were: Belle A. Trix (3-8, 39 pts); Birch Slap (4-12, 27 pts.); TactiGal (2-7 [1 star pass], 26 pts); Jane Goodfall (3-10 [1 star pass], 24 pts.); Just Jane (4-7 [1 star pass], 17 pts.); LGBTease (1-1, 0 pts.); and Fearrari (0-1 [1 star pass], 0 pts.)

Official lead status gain, jamming, and scoring for the Belmont Bruisers were: Electrick Slaydee (7-8, 48 pts.); Ice Tease (4-6, 41 pts.); Smaks Fifth Avenue (4-7, 33 pts.); Gemmatron (2-7, 25 pts.); Laura Lambert (1-2 [1 star pass], 10 pts.); Jack of All Blades (1-4, 7 pts.); Spank Puncherella (1-4 [1 star pass], 5 pts.); Sound A Whip Makes (1-4, 2 pts.); and Stonewallup (1-1, 1 pt.)

Photo by Ashley Gerlach: AMG Photography.