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Never a team to grow discouraged over falling short in a challenging game, Ohio Roller Derby took their recent loss in stride and came out swinging in game three against first-time opponents West Virginia Roller Derby, as did Gang Green against South Bend Roller Girls.


Intense defense, 73% lead jammer status, and nine double-digit shutout jams allowed Ohio to steadily build a lead that quickly proved insurmountable for a short-rostered West Virginia.

West Virginia drew first blood, snagging lead and a quick 4 points; Ohio retaliated by frustrating their jammer on a never-ending initial pass while BrussKnuckles posted a 15-0 jam. Three jams later, West Virginia looked to capitalize on a 4-1 pack advantage, but Betty T. KayO locked onto Dae-O Reckoning on her own, allowing BrussKnuckles to grab lead status and 19 uncontested points, widening Ohio’s lead to 41-8 after 8 minutes of play. While her blockers continued to shut down scoring, Jessica Rabid demolished defense and pulled in 14 points. A few brief, fruitless jams and an official timeout didn’t slow the home momentum: while Towanda Woman fought to gain traction on a slick track, Paige Bleed dropped back to execute offense to spring the Ohio jammer free and into lead status. Clearing the apex with a leapfrog off of KloverKill, Bigg Rigg picked up 7 points; Betty T. KayO drew the West Virginia jammer into a cutting penalty, giving Val Holla room for a 20-point gain that pushed their lead to 91-11. A power start in jam 12 provided the first significant point gain for West Virginia as they posted 10 points, but ended the jam with a blocker and the pivot in the penalty box. Bigg Rigg nimbly sprinted out of the pack in jam 13 as Gulertekin opened the inside line and racked up 26 undisputed points – the highest scoring jam of the game – to boost Ohio over the century mark, and a head block penalty assessed to the West Virginia jammer gave TactiGal time to spin around opponents on her toe stops to collect 12 points. Despite growing exhaustion, West Virginia pushed to make progress with under 7 minutes remaining in the first period, capitalizing on three Ohio jammer penalties to pick up 22 points.

Starting the second period up 173-43, Ohio didn’t ease off the gas, obtaining lead jammer status in the first three jams and quickly breaking 200 points. A handful of brief jams provided minimal gains for both sides before the West Virginia jammer obtained lead, but remained stuck in the pack and picked up a forearm penalty; Kelsey Khaos pried open holes for Jessica Rabid to squeeze through for 14 points. With just over half the period remaining, Bigg Rigg and Val Holla steadily posted shutout jams; a blocker foul-out and jammer penalty for West Virginia provided extra room for BrussKnuckles to scoop up lead and 20 clean points. Betty T. KayO, Gulertekin, and Jesse “Ava Tarr” Fox locked down T. Cooke while Lora “Outa My” Wayman broke up the West Virginia wall to help Bigg Rigg nab 22 points and pop Ohio over 300 points. With an offensive charge led by Kitty Liquorbottom, Val Holla snapped up lead status and a 20-0 gain, and Bigg Rigg added 19 final points in a shutout jam for a final score of 355-82.

MVPs for Ohio were Bigg Rigg (jammer) and Jesse “Ava Tarr” Fox (blocker).
MVPs for West Virginia were Towanda Woman (jammer) and Parsley (blocker).

Official lead status gain, jamming, and scoring for Ohio were: Bigg Rigg (11-12, 123 pts.); BrussKnuckles (8-9, 101 pts.); Val Holla (7-12, 78 pts.); Jessica Rabid (1-2, 28 pts); TactiGal (2-2, 25 pts.); Kitty Liquorbottom (0-1 [star pass], 0 pts.); and Lora “Outa My” Wayman (0-1 [star pass], 0 pts.).

Official lead status gain, jamming, and scoring for West Virginia were: T. Cooke (5-14, 27 pts.); Towanda Woman (3-11, 29 pts.); Dae-O Reckoning (0-9, 0 pts.); Malice in Rollerland (0-3, 0 pts.); Kruel-Aid (0-3 [2 star passes], 10 pts.); Armenslammer (0-4 [4 star passes], 12 pts.); Cupcake Cadaver (0-2 [2 star passes], 4 pts.); and Parsley (0-1 [1 star pass], 0 pts.).


A much deeper jammer pool and calm under pressure provided the edge Gang Green needed to best the South Bend charter team.

Feeling one another out and adjusting to game conditions, neither Gang Green nor South Bend found much scoring success for the first six minutes of game play. An illegal procedure call on a failed star pass attempt sent the South Bend jammer to the penalty box, and allowed Jane Goodfall to make the first significant contribution to the scoreboard, gathering 20 points. South Bend struck back, holding Gang Green scoreless for two jams and creeping within 8 points of taking the lead. Fearrari and Just Jane squeezed out a single scoring lap apiece, and Jane Goodfall picked up 10 more points while Jessica Rabid, Foxy Force, Vyles, and Avocado ToeStop frustrated the South Bend jammer. Neither willing to give any ground, both teams clamped down on defense over the next five minutes. Gang Green held their opponent scoreless for four jams, but struggled to make headway during that time. Quick call-offs and handfuls of points kept the point differential hovering near 30 until the last jam of the half when Just Jane broke out on a 21-point power jam to open the Gang Green lead to 97-48.

Fast packs mirrored the minimal gains of the first half, with Jessica Rabid and Belle A. Trix snapping up 4-point passes. South Bend found 10 points on a power jam, but jammer footraces prevented scoring on either side over the next two jams. Kegel Scout and TactiGal provided cover while LGBTease snagged lead and broke the scoreless streak in jam 35. Continuous brutal defense by Val Holla, Vyles, HardKore Lena, and Sarah Sexton forced a star pass and denied any success by the jammer or pivot, while Just Jane completed seven scoring passes for 35 points, the highest scoring jam by a Gang Green skater so far this season. With just over half the period remaining, an expulsion for misconduct and an injury four jams later left South Bend short two of their three primary jammers. Birch Slap got momentum rolling once more with a 4-3 gain, then Belle A. Trix charged through opponents to pick up 20 additional points. LGBTease and Jane Goodfall continued eking out small doses of points, and a full two-minute jam with 19 points by Just Jane shoved Gang Green over the 200 point mark. Racing up the inside and scoring on an apex jump, Jessica Rabid harvested 14 points to bring the final score to 230-102.

MVPs for Gang Green were Just Jane (jammer) and Vyles (blocker).
MVPS for South Bend were Captain Beefstock (jammer) and AK (blocker).

Official lead status gain, jamming, and scoring for Gang Green were: Just Jane (5-10, 90 pts.); Belle A. Trix (8-10, 37 pts); Jane Goodfall (2-7 [1 star pass], 37 pts.); Val Holla (2-2, 18 pts.); Birch Slap (5-8, 16 pts.); Jessica Rabid (3-6, 14 pts.); TactiGal (4-4, 12 pts); LGBTease (2-2, 6 pts.); and Fearrari (1-2, 4 pts.).

Official lead status gain, jamming, and scoring for South Bend were: Captain Beefstock (7-16, 45 pts.); Candice Mansfield (5-14, 28 pts.); Alotta Pushie (3-13, 19 pts.); Tiger Lilly (1-3, 7 pts.); Skirt Chaser Sally (0-4, 3 pts.); Tara Mup (0-4 [4 star passes], 0 pts.); and Apple Corrie (0-1 [1 star pass], 0 pt.s)

Next up, the Ohio Roller Derby All Stars and Gang Green will travel to Washington, D.C. for closed games against DC Rollergirls on Saturday, April 28. Catch the next home games at the Ohio Expo Center on May 12 as OHRD welcomes Charlottesville Derby Dames.

Photo by BerMurder Triangle.