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Continuing their home season endeavor, Ohio Roller Derby returned to the track to tackle Ann Arbor Roller Derby (Ann Arbor, MI) on Saturday, April 7th.


The highly anticipated rematch between the closely-ranked teams was slated to be one of the toughest games on Ohio’s schedule, and a short roster proved an extra hurdle, but the home team remained positive and determined to play their best together.

A forearm penalty assessed to the Ann Arbor jammer in the first minute of the game allowed Pain Train to post the first 5 points for Ohio and maintain a narrow lead until jam four, when an 18-0 run catapulted the Brawlstars to a lead they would continue to hold. Taking advantage of strong pivots Kitty Liquorbottom and Betty T. KayO, Ohio employed star passes to eke out quick scoring passes and stay within striking distance. While the Michigan squad looked to expand their 45-15 lead on a power jam, Zee “Loraine Acid” Gulertekin frustrated their jammer for the full thirty seconds before forcing her into a penalty; Pain Train hustled through the pack for 6 points while Jesse “Ava Tarr” Fox and Jessica Rabid pinned the opposing jammer. Sonnet Boom picked up lead jammer status in jam ten, then quickly lost it on a back block penalty; fast feet allowed Bigg Rigg to rack up 17 points for Ohio, narrowing the point gap to 20 and turning up the heat. Running away on another power jam, BrussKnuckles spun around the outside of the pack on her toe stops to post a 9-0 shutout, bringing the score to 49-63. KloverKill, Kelsey Khaos, and Betty T. KayO locked down on Terror Misu while Gulertekin executed offense for TactiGal for another lead jammer status. With penalties piling up, Ann Arbor managed to grind Ohio scoring efforts to a near halt for seven minutes of play, but a 10-0 push by BrussKnuckles to close the first period whittled the deficit to 64-95 at halftime.

Earning lead jammer status in six straight jams to begin the second half, the Brawlstars held Ohio scoreless while doubling their lead, but prudent clock management gave the Columbus team opportunities to stall that progress. BrussKnuckles raked in 10 points with offensive assistance from Paige Bleed and Kitty Liquorbottom, and Bigg Rigg followed up by grabbing Ohio’s first lead status of the half and another quick 5 on the board. Stalwart defense by Fox, Gulertekin, KloverKill, and Vyles briefly shut down Ann Arbor scoring once again, while a star pass gave Kelsey Khaos a chance to muscle through for points, but nine double-digit jams for the Brawlstars opened a formidable lead. Though down 87-211, Ohio continued to deny point gain when possible, chasing down the opposing jammers to force early call offs. A final 11-point rush by Jessica Rabid and BrussKnuckles wrapped up the competition for a 97-274 loss.

MVPs for Ohio were BrussKnuckles (jammer) and Betty T. KayO (blocker).
MVPs for Ann Arbor were Fatoosh Bag (jammer) and Bettie Lockdown (blocker).

Unofficial lead status gain, jamming, and scoring for Ohio were: BrussKnuckles (3-13, 34 pts.); Bigg Rigg (1-9, 22 pts.); Pain Train (4-12, 15 pts.); Jessica Rabid (2-3, 6 pts.); TactiGal (1-3, 4 pts.); Betty T. KayO (0-4 [star passes], 8 pts.); Kitty Liquorbottom (0-4 [star passes], 4 pts.); and Kelsey Khaos (0-1 [star pass], 4 pts.).

Unofficial lead status gain, jamming, and scoring for Ann Arbor were: Fatoosh Bag (12-12, 93 pts.); Terror Misu (4-8, 60 pts.); Lezzie Arnaz (4-5, 42 pts.); Sonnet Boom (4-7, 40 pts.); and Helen Killer (4-8, 39 pts.).


Also playing with thirteen skaters instead of a full roster of fifteen, Gang Green struggled to post points against strong Ann Arbor walls, but embraced the challenge, took calculated risks, and found success in individual jams while developing newer skaters.

A series of ill-timed jammer penalties allowed the Arbor Bruising Co. to blow open a 55-point lead over the first five jams, but after a team timeout to reset, Jane Goodfall posted the first 2 points for Gang Green in jam six. Returning from the penalty box, Just Jane easily cleared the pack with an apex jump; LGBTease, Vyles, and Kegel Scout stymied Looks That Kill while TactiGal grabbed lead status and another 4 points. Belle A. Trix ducked around opposition to scoop up 4 points as Birch Slap and rookie Avocado ToeStop worked to contain Jenny NoNo. Just Jane, Val Holla, and Birch Slap continued squeaking out single scoring pass jams; showing no mercy and shedding blockers, Jessica Rabid plowed through defensive formations in hot pursuit of Han Overfist. Riding the momentum, Gang Green matched points with Ann Arbor as the period ended for a halftime score of 30-191.

The Arbor Bruising Co. returned from the locker room swinging, posting a quick 5 points, but Birch Slap escaped hot on their jammer’s heels with TactiGal and HardKore Lena providing distraction. Slowing their defense, Gang Green successfully halted their opponents while obtaining lead jammer status in three consecutive jams, and a fresh crop of Ann Arbor penalties allowed for ambitious Ohio gains near the middle of the half. In the highest scoring jam of the game for Gang Green, Belle A. Trix exploited a power jam to add 18 points to the board, and with under 4 minutes to play, Foxy Force and Jessica Rabid tag teamed the opposing jammer to allow TactiGal to eke out a single point. Two more single-pass jams and a successful apex jump by Val Holla boosted the Gang Green point total for a 79-342 final.

MVPs for Gang Green were TactiGal (jammer) and Vyles (blocker).
MVPs for the Arbor Bruising Co. were Han Overfist (jammer) and She-Rock (blocker).

Unofficial lead status gain, jamming, and scoring for Gang Green were: Belle A. Trix (2-9 [1 star pass], 31 pts.); TactiGal (4-7 [2 star passes], 17 pts.); Just Jane (1-6 [2 star passes], 12 pts.); Val Holla (1-7, 9 pts.); Jane Goodfall (1-5, 6 pts.); Birch Slap (0-9, 4 pts.); Jessica Rabid (0-6, 0 pts.); LGBTease (0-1 [star pass], 0 pts.); and Vyles (0-1 [star pass], 0 pts.).

Unofficial lead status gain, jamming, and scoring for the Arbor Bruising Co. were: Han Overfist (9-12, 99 pts.); Jenny NoNo (8-10, 90 pts.); Goddamn Goddamn (9-10, 80 pts.); and Looks That Kill (7-12, 73 pts.).

Photo by Kathy Kennedy.