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For their fourth home game of the season, Ohio Roller Derby hosted the Carolina Rollergirls (Raleigh, NC) for two roof-raising games that both ended in decisive wins for the Columbus league.


After their last match-up resulted in an overwhelming 432-29 victory for Ohio, Carolina seemed eager for a different outcome this time around. Five lead changes and two tie scores in the first half gave Ohio a very narrow lead at halftime, but the home squad methodically widened the point spread during the second period to secure their sixteenth straight home victory and bring their season record to 6-1.

Two quick 4-0 jams gave Carolina the initial lead, but Elektra Magneto, Kitty Liquorbottom, Stevie Brown, and Chainsaw held Magically Maulicious on her initial pass for over a lap while Blitz Lemon put up the first 2 points for Ohio in the third jam. Zee “Loraine Acid” Gulertekin posted 5 clean points in jam 6, and a 4-0 jam by Lora “Outa My” Wayman gave Ohio a 13-12 lead after 8 minutes of gameplay. In the first power jam of the game, Gulertekin punished the Carolina jammer, first knocking her out of bounds and drawing her back 40 feet, then raining huge hits on her as Carolina retook the lead, 16-22. Shoving Elektra Magneto into the opposing jammer, Wayman grabbed lead jammer status and 5 easy points in jam 11; playing defense on the line before squeezing through the pack, The Smacktivist tied the score at 34-34 while Burnadeath and Stevie Brown shut down scoring attempts by Ava Gore and Grim Carrey. Wayman boosted Ohio to a 42-38 lead, but Fanny Pack-a-Punch flipped the switch in Carolina’s favor while Kitty Liquorbottom easily dodged blocks after receiving a star pass. Gameplay slowed to a crawl for over a minute as Brown and Elektra took turns hitting Dot Bomber out of bounds, while Wayman picked up lead & tied the score at 52-52 after a grueling grind against Carolina’s defense. The Smacktivist easily snagged lead status and put Ohio in the lead for good with a 20-0 jam, as the opposing jammer made back-to-back trips to the penalty box.

With the 77-58 halftime lead providing little room for error, Ohio exploded off the line in the second period, matching or beating Carolina’s scoring efforts in 16 out of 22 jams. Jesse “Ava Tarr” Fox, Gulertekin, Bigg Rigg, and Burnadeath denied Carolina’s jammer an initial pass while Wayman racked up 19 unanswered points in 2 minutes. Jamming back-to-back, The Smacktivist turned up the heat, first knocking Ginger Clobbers out of bounds to force a call off and a 0-0 jam, then harvesting 10 points on a subsequent power jam. Plagued by penalties, Carolina only managed to score 9 points over the next 7 jams, while Wayman, The Smacktivist, Kitty Liquorbottom, and Chainsaw posted a combined 39. With a comfortable 154-77 lead with less than half the period remaining, Ohio locked down defense, holding Carolina to short jams and minimal point gains. Gulertekin lapped the opposing jammer with an assist by Fox; Betty T. KayO, Chainsaw, and Kitty Liquorbottom forced Magically Maulicious to pass the star to pivot Aurora Thunder, who quickly picked up a track cut penalty. Blitz Lemon faked a star pass and hopped past the Carolina’s defensive line to complete her initial pass on a 3-1 jam, and The Smacktivist jumped the apex on a 23-0 scoring run that pushed Ohio over 200 points. A final power jam opportunity allowed Carolina to pass the century mark, but 4 points from Gulertekin closed out the 206-119 victory for the Ohio All Stars.

MVPs for Ohio were The Smacktivist (jammer) and Stevie Brown (blocker). MVPs for Carolina were Fanny Pack-a-Punch (jammer) and Jojo Gadjet (blocker).

Unofficial jamming and scoring for Ohio were: The Smacktivist (14-19, 119 pts); Lora “Outa My” Wayman (4-11, 52 pts); Blitz Lemon (4-6, 12 pts); Zee “Loraine Acid” Gulertekin (2-4, 14 pts); Kitty Liquorbottom (1-3, 7 pts), Bigg Rigg (0-1, 0 pts); and Chainsaw (0-1, 0 pts).

Unofficial jamming and scoring for Carolina were: Magically Maulicious (8-12, 37 pts); Ginger Clobbers (5-13, 36 pts); Fanny Pack-a-Punch (3-12, 22 pts); Ava Gore (2-3, 13 pts); Grim Carrey (1-3, 6 pts); Aurora Thunders (0-2, 5 pts); Crank Dat (0-1, 1 pt); and Dot Bomber (0-1, 0 pts).

Up next at home for OHRD is a doubleheader against Roc City Roller Derby (Rochester, NY) on Saturday, June 11th, in the Ohio Building at the Ohio Expo Center.

Author: HardKore Lena
Special thanks to contributors Andrew Marron and LGBTease.


Gang Green followed up their Ohio Roller Derby counterparts with a victory of their own over the Carolina Bootleggers, 264-165. Unlike the slow start for the Ohio charter team, Gang Green kicked the door open early and never looked back. Jammers Betty T. KayO, TactiGal, Paige Bleed, and Karmabal Lectur each earned lead status to start the bout, and quickly amassed a 25-0 advantage just five minutes into the contest. A track cut penalty on Betty T. KayO allowed Magically Maulicious to score a 12-0 jam to cut the deficit nearly in half. Four jammer penalties to Bootlegger jammers over the next seven jams saw Gang Green go on a 73-15 run. Included in that run were a nineteen point jam by TactiGal, a ten pointer by Karmabal Lectur, and jams of ten and twenty-two points by Val Holla. With 12:30 remaining in the first period, Gang Green had better than tripled the Bootleggers’ score, 98-27.

In jam 15, things looked to be back on track for the Bootleggers as Grim Carrey posted a 15-0 power jam, but a successful official review by Gang Green’s Coach, Amy Spears, put Grim in the penalty box to start the following jam. TactiGal answered with twelve points of her own, and Gang Green took advantage of two additional Grim Carrey track cuts to finish the first half on a 65-6 run. At the intermission, Gang Green was clicking on all cylinders, 163-51.

The second half started with a full two-minute jam as jammers for both squads spent time in the penalty box. Fortunately for Ohio, the Gang Green blockers were able to hold Bootlegger jammer Rainbow Bite scoreless as Betty T. KayO posted ten. Points were nickel-and-dimed over the next five jams, but Gang Green held their point margin, 185-59. Doomsday Addams provided a spark for the Bootleggers with a 13-7 jam in jam 7, but Val Holla responded with a 14-4 advantage on the subsequent jam. Three power jams to the Bootleggers over the next three jams typically would’ve been ideal scoring for the visitors. However, Gang Green’s defense once again held strong as they were only outscored 17-7 with the jammer disadvantage. With 14:30 remaining, Gang Green continued to lead 213-93.

The Bootleggers were able to close the bout on a high note as they were able to obtain lead six of the final eight jams. Multi-point jams by Magically Maulicious, Crank Dat, Grim Carrey, and The Ish allowed the visitors to end the bout on a 59-25 run. The victory brings Gang Green’s 2016 record to 3-1. Their next bout is on May 22nd at Central Ohio Roller Derby in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, before playing at home June 11th.

Unofficial jamming and scoring for Gang Green: Val Holla (7-9, 93 pts), TactiGal (6-8, 84 pts), Karmabal Lectur (5-7, 37 pts), Paige Bleed (5-10, 25 pts), Betty T KayO (3-5, 18 pts), Bruss Knuckles (0-3, 4 pts), Quiet Storm (1-1, 3 pts), and Elektra Magneto (0-2, 0 pts). Gang Green obtained lead jammer twenty-seven times and were on eight power jams.

Unofficial jamming and scoring for the Carolina Bootleggers: Grim Carrey (6-12, 45 pts), The Ish (3-5, 25 pts), Magically Maulicious (3-3, 24 pts), Rainbow Bite (0-5, 20 pts), Doomsday Addams (2-5, 18 pts), Princess America (1-4, 14 pts), Crank Dat (0-2, 12 pts), Steph Infection (1-5, 5 pts), and Critical Erin (1-4, 2 pts). The Bootleggers obtained lead jammer status seventeen times and were on eight power jams.

Author: Andy Marron

Photos by: Matthew Hatcher