women's flat track roller derby team in columbus, ohio - empowering women and gender-expansive people in sport
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Coming home from a long, hard weekend on the road at BrewHaHa, the Ohio Roller Girls looked to clinch a win over Ft. Wayne Derby Girls’ Bomb Squad (IN) during their second-to-last home game of the season, and did not disappoint the crowd of fans & OHRG alumni in attendance.

Ohio played fast and aggressive from the first whistle, taking the lead with 4 points in the first 40 seconds and holding that lead well out of Ft. Wayne’s reach for the entirety of the game. Ft. Wayne lost two blockers to the penalty box at the end of the first jam, and a high block call on PushyCat at the start of jam two gave Kitty Liquorbottom plenty of room to score 15 points before calling it off. Ft. Wayne managed to get on the board, but Ohio held their scoring to a minimum even when the Indiana jammers obtained lead status. In jam seven, Ohio held the rear, with Burnadeath sticking to Dodger L. Bows & holding her on her initial pass before drawing a track cut penalty; Lora “Outa My” Wayman, donning the star for Ohio for the first time in the game, easily racked up 20 points with some offensive help from Amy Spears, bringing the score to 42-6.

Ft. Wayne got their first shot at a power jam 13 minutes in, but tight blocking & heavy hits by Jesse “Ava Tarr” Fox prevented jammer Kellie Adkins from making use of it. Taking advantage of pack confusion, The Smacktivist grabbed lead, while Burnadeath repeatedly hit Majestic out of bounds, prolonging her initial pass and giving Ohio another 20-point jam. With just under ten minutes in the half, Val Holla faced off against Rachel Tension, and toed her way up the inside line for lead status. KloverKill pestered Tension with heavy shoulder hits, while Val Holla landed an apex jump and widened Ohio’s lead to 88-25. A power jam start allowed HellionBOI to take Ohio over the century mark, and a string of jammer penalties helped The Smacktivist, Bigg Rigg, and Val Holla put up a combined 45 points to end the first period with 147 points to Ft. Wayne’s 46.

Solid defense by Burnadeath, Ena Flash, Lora “Outa My” Wayman, and KloverKill made it easy for Ohio jammers to take lead status for the first four jams of the second half, and forced Ft. Wayne’s score to stagnate for nearly five minutes of game play. Speedin’ Bayou was finally able to snag lead for Ft. Wayne & score a few points in jam five after a track cut penalty sent The Smacktivist to the box, but was assessed a high block penalty herself as she called off the jam. The subsequent power start allowed Bigg Rigg to put up another 13 points, and an 8-point jam by Kitty Liquorbottom increased Ohio’s lead to 150 points. Val Holla went to the penalty box on a low block call, allowing Ft. Wayne to grab 3 points and a power start to jam twelve, but she seized lead status against Jennifer Wright upon returning from the box and answered with 13 more points for Ohio.

With just over thirteen minutes to go, Ft. Wayne finally slowed Ohio’s scoring for a few jams, though unable to put up more than a handful of points themselves. At the starting whistle of jam seventeen, Amy Spears knocked PushyCat out of bounds, and Burnadeath successfully drew her into a track cut, causing the Ft. Wayne jammer to foul out of the game. Back-to-back two-minute jams were peppered with penalties on jammers & blockers alike as the pack became increasingly physical in the last five minutes of play. Carrie Baker attempted to play defense off the line against The Smacktivist, to no avail, and Kitty Liquorbottom grabbed lead status as her blockers swarmed around Feline Frenzy. In the final minute of the game, Lora “Outa My” Wayman easily took lead against two opposing blockers, clinching the win for Ohio, 266-72.

MVPs for Ohio were awarded to The Smacktivist (jammer) and Lora “Outa My” Wayman (blocker). MVPs for Ft. Wayne went to Speedin’ Bayou (jammer) and Rachel Tension (blocker).

Unofficial jamming & scoring for Ohio were: The Smacktivist (10-16, 91 pts), Lora “Outa My” Wayman (4-5, 54 pts), Kitty Liquorbottom (6-9, 49 pts), Val Holla (4-7, 39 pts), Bigg Rigg (3-6, 29 pts), and HellionBOI (1-1, 4 pts).

Unofficial jamming & scoring for Ft. Wayne were: Speedin’ Bayou (5-6, 26 pts), PushyCat (3-7, 14 pts), Majestic (4-11, 13 pts), Jennifer Wright ( 2-8, 10 pts), Carrie Baker (0-1, 4 pts), Rachel Tension (1-2, 2 pts), Dodger L. Bows (0-2, 2 pts), Kellie Adkins (1-5, 1 pt), Feline Frenzy (0-1, 0 pts), and Lahapa Brown (0-1, 0 pts).

 Cover photo by Joe Mac