(22) Ohio Squares Off Against (14) Charm City
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(22) Ohio Squares Off Against (14) Charm City

With the tenth season of the Ohio Roller Girls currently underway, the Columbus-based skaters have hit the track running to celebrate a decade of derby in central Ohio.  With most teams in the WFTDA playing just at or under ten bouts per season, the Ohio Roller Girls will play over twenty games this year as they continue to play anyone, anytime, anywhere.  Their 2015 season starts with ten bouts over nine weeks with trips to Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Florida on their early season docket.

The OHRG are currently 2-1 this season with a home opener victory over Tri-City Roller Derby (Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario) 257-122, and on the road in Michigan to the Killamazoo Derby Darlins 282-118.  Ohio suffered their first loss last Sunday during a hangover bout with the Detroit Derby Girls, 90-233.  The Ohio Roller Girls will look to stay above .500 as they welcome traditional WFTDA powerhouse Charm City (Baltimore) this weekend for their second home bout of the season.

Long-time fans of OHRG will continue to recognize familiar names and faces like Amy Spears, Bigg Rigg, Kitty Liquorbottom, The Smacktivist, and Lora Outa My Wayman as these skaters are among the many veterans still on the team. However, Ohio has not only committed themselves to a successful season this year, but has also committed itself to the development of newer skaters and to those skaters who may not have seen a lot of track time in the past.  Skaters such as Paige Bleed, Elektra Magneto, and Texas Chainsaw Sasskicker have already seen an increase in track time this year, and with skaters like Val Holla, KloverKill, and recent transfer Slammerhead splitting time between Gang Green and the charter team, Ohio’s future looks strong and promising.

The Charm City Roller Girls will come to Columbus having yet to play in 2015, but are annually considered one of the top teams in the WFTDA.  Dominant from 2010-2012, Charm City reached the WFTDA Championship tournament in three consecutive years and continue to be highly ranked seeds when playoffs roll around each season.  Much like the Ohio Roller Girls, Charm City appears to have committed themselves to finding a happy medium with their veteran and newer skaters.  Those in the know recognize the names Colleen Best, I.M. Pain, Holly Gohardly, and Allie B. Back from season’s past, but newer additions Raven Darkhold and Scariett Tubman add another dimension of power and athleticism that Ohio will have to contend with.

According to Flat Track Stats, Charm City only has three bouts scheduled this season.  After the Ohio showdown, Charm will play Naptown (Indianapolis) in a closed bout, and then they’ll play Philly Roller Derby later in the season.  Historically, Charm City is 2-0 against Ohio, with both victories coming in Baltimore.  They first met in 2008 when Charm was victorious (132-64), then again in 2013 (232-132).  Looking to secure their first ever victory over the skaters from Maryland, Ohio will need to play a complete bout from start to finish as Charm City will be one of the toughest competitors the OHRG will face this season.  Following the charter bout, Ohio’s Gang Green will take on Charm City’s reserve squad, Female Trouble.

For ticket information, be sure to visit ohiorollergirls.com/tickets, and continue to visit our Facebook page for updates.  The game will be played on Saturday, March 28th in the Ohio Building, at the Ohio Expo Center. Doors open at 4:00 pm, action begins at 5:00 pm.

Photos courtesy of Tyler Shaw, taken during Ohio and Charm’s 2013 matchup.

Andrew Marron