women's flat track roller derby team in columbus, ohio - empowering women and gender-expansive people in sport
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Following in the footsteps of their charter teammates, Ohio’s Gang Green was victorious last weekend over their in-state rival, the Cincinnati Violent Lambs.  The bout also represented a secondary victory for Ohio fans as it marked the return of crowd favorite and original league member HellionBOI, who took the last year off due to a knee injury.  HellionBOI gave the crowd something to cheer about in the bout’s sixth jam, as she rattled off a 25 point power jam to give Gang Green the lead 33-9.  With a fairly loose jammer rotation of Blitz Lemon, Texas Chainsaw Sasskicker, HellionBOI, and KloverKill, Gang Green kept their jammers fresh resulting in nearly fully rested jammers for each outing.  Playing nearly as well as their jamming counterparts, Gang Green’s pack of Zinnia Zombie, Chestburster, Quiet Storm, and Elektra Magneto kept Violent Lambs jammers in check, creating six first half power jams for their own jammers.  The first half was highlighted by two particular jams by TactiGal and KloverKill, who scored 25 and 20 point jams nearly back to back.  In both instances, it was great blocking by Val Holla and teammates opening outside lanes that allowed their jammers to pass.  At the half, Gang Green had doubled up on Cincinnati, 119-56.


A rash of second half jammer penalties for the Violent Lambs kept them from gaining any ground on Gang Green as the locals were able to use the power jams to outscore Cincinnati 96-0 with the Violent Lambs’ jammer in the penalty box.  Although down their jammers for most of the second half, Violent Lambs blockers Jenocide, Red Emma, Hot Slice, Annie Tomical, Big Ugly, and Macrum did their best to hold Gang Green’s jammers at bay.  It was a valiant effort by the visitors, but in the end they simply didn’t have the game they needed to dethrone Gang Green as the best reserve squad in the state.  As the final whistle blew, it was Gang Green taking home the victory 230-94, securing the sweep for the Ohio squads.  For their efforts in the bout, HellionBOI was named Most Valuable Jammer and Elektra Magneto was named Most Valuable Blocker.


Unofficial scoring for Gang Green included:  HellionBOI (6-11, 63 pts.), KloverKill (5-8, 55 pts.), TactiGal (3-4, 48 pts.), Blitz Lemon (8-10, 31 pts.), Elektra Magneto (0-4, 14 pts.), Val Holla (1-1, 10 pts.), Quiet Storm (1-2, 9 pts.), Pi Thon (0-1, 0 pts.), and Texas Chainsaw Sasskicker (1-5, 0 pts.).  Gang Green obtained lead jammer twenty-five times and were on fourteen power jams.

Unofficial scoring for the Violent Lambs included: Ruthless Chris (7-14, 32 pts), Anne Bones (0-4, 24 pts), Cherry Choke (4-9, 22 pts), Jillian Dollaz (2-5, 10 pts), Big Ugly (0-4, 4 pts), I, Caramba (2-5, 2 pts), and Hot Slice (0-1, 0 pts).  The Violent Lambs obtained lead jammer fifteen times and were on three power jams. 

Photos courtesy of Dorn Byg (full set) and Joe Mac.

Andrew Marron