women's flat track roller derby team in columbus, ohio - empowering women and gender-expansive people in sport
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After the last few games away from home, the Ohio Roller Girls were happy to return to the Lausche Building to take on Queen City Roller Girls’ Lake Effect Furies from Buffalo, NY.  The last time these two teams faced off, the Furies found themselves on the losing end. While Ohio is ranked #22 in the WFTDA to Buffalo’s #48, OHRG were still prepared to meet strong opposing players from northern New York.

With The Smacktivist up against Queen City’s Librawlian in the first jam, it could have been a strong start for either team.  Mack was able to take lead and the first four points of the game before calling the jam off.  Thanks to smart blocking by Zee “Loraine Acid” Gulertekin, Burnadeath, and Ena Flash, that four point lead would only increase, never allowing space for a lead change.  In fact, it took until the fifth jam for Queen City to get on the scoreboard, courtesy of Librawlian.

Queen City took lead jammer status for the majority of the first half. Blockers Ivana LeiHerOut and Head Huntress frustrated the likes of Kitty Liquorbottom and Bigg Rigg, who got stuck fighting against the Buffalo defense more than once.  When Kitty wasn’t taking hits by opposing blockers, she was out of the pack fast and gave Ohio its biggest scoring jam in the first half with 24 points. Despite the Queen City lead jammer trend, it wasn’t enough to make up for Ohio’s fast-scored points. The first half ended 102-73 to Ohio.

In the second half, Ohio obtained lead jammer in all but a handful of jams.  Buffalo’s InSINerator and Low-Hits Griffin were held back in the pack and Buffalo’s score didn’t budge for a whopping seven jams. The Buffalo jammers couldn’t seem to make it past Sk8 Crime, Lora “Outa My” Wayman, and Amy Spears.  Getting hit repeatedly out of bounds or kept in the pack while Ohio jammers made multiple scoring passes became the norm for Buffalo. The few times that Librawlian or MissFire made it past the Ohio defense were on power jams.

With the Ohio lead growing at the same rate as Buffalo’s frustration, day tripHer landed in the box for a track cut with The Smacktivist called for the same shortly after.  Excited for a possible power jam, day tripHer sprang out of the box too fast and was called for an illegal procedure. Ohio saw yet another power jam while Buffalo watched their chances of making a comeback disappear.  The game ended in favor of Ohio, 239-109.

Ohio Roller Girls All Stars

0125 Paige Bleed | 10 Lora “Outa My” Wayman | 1098 Amy Spears | 1101 Jesse “Ava Tarr” Fox | 12 Kitty Liquorbottom | 138 Sarah Bruce | 1993 Bratislava Bruiser | 365 The Smacktivist | 451 Burnadeath | 50 Sk8 Crime | 59 Zee “Loraine Acid” Gulertekin | 815 Bigg Rigg | ICU2 Ena Flash | V0LT Elektra Magneto

Queen City Lake Effect Furies

153 LowHits Griffin | 1666 InSINerator | 198 Blackrock Bruiser | 21 B’Kini Whacks | 240 Ivana LeiHerOut | 252 Miss Fire | 46 Midnyt Maniac | 52 Tabrina Schreier | 54 Head Huntress | 60 Pepper Stix | 622 LiBRAWLian | 711 Day TripHer | 73 Wrecks Kitten | 82 Tuesday Hula