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All Stars vs Boston Massacre

After a weekend away in Milwaukee, WI at the Midwest BrewHaHa, the Ohio Roller Girls All Stars packed up their gear and headed to Boston to take on three different teams in 24 hours. First up: the Boston Derby Dames’ Boston Massacre.

Ohio drew first blood, but it didn’t last long as Boston soon gained a lead  they would hold onto for the entirety of the first half. Boston would earn lead jammer for 10 out of 21 jams, often gaining points and calling it before Ohio’s jammers could do the same.  Ohio was down 63-104 at halftime despite hard defensive work from blockers like Burnadeath, Lora “Outa My” Wayman, and Ena Flash.

The second half started out much like the first. Despite solid blocking efforts from skaters like Amy Spears, Jesse “Ava Tarr” Fox, and Sk8 Crime, Boston kept adding up the points until the 6th jam, when Boston’s Lil’ Paine was sent to the penalty box for a back block. Ohio’s jammer, Burnadeath took advantage, quickly racking up 29 points as Lil’ Paine was called on a second back block. Penalties took a big toll on Boston and Ohio was right there to maximize every opportunity they were given. The final lead change came in the 14th jam, when Ohio reversed the score for the last time. With less than 10 minutes in the half, OHRG took control and didn’t let up. Final score: 223-190 for Ohio.

Jamming for Ohio: The Smacktivist (92 pts.), Kitty Liquorbottom (65 pts.), Burnadeath (50 pts.), Wayman (14 pts.), and Bigg Rigg (2 pts).

The Smacktivist was named MVP.

All Stars vs Montreal New Skids on the Block

The Montreal New Skids on the Block were OHRG’s next opponents of the weekend in a closed bout at the Boston Massacre practice facility. Montreal gained lead from the start and didn’t let up until well into the first half, when The Smacktivist, with help from Amy Spears, Ena Flash, Jesse “Ava Tarr” Fox and Lora “Outa My” Wayman, was able to turn the tide for a short period of time.  The half caught the teams uncomfortably close in score with Montreal leading 84-97.

The second half brought back and forth lead changes until Montreal finally started to pull away from Ohio in the 10th jam. The game would end 164-193 for Montreal, a much closer game than their last pairing at Quad City Chaos.

Jamming for Ohio: The Smacktivist (120 pts.), Kitty Liquorbottom (16 pts.), Bigg Rigg (11 pts.), Wayman (9 pts.), and Burnadeath (8 pts.).

All Stars vs New Hampshire Skate Free or Die! All Stars

Unfortunately for New Hampshire, despite this game being the Ohio All Star’s third in less than 24 hours, Ohio still came to win. After back and forth lead changes in the first couple of jams, Ohio took the lead in the third jam and didn’t let go for the rest of the game. New Hampshire jammers eventually looked tired and beaten down by Ohio’s relentless blockers like Amy Spears, Jesse “Ava Tarr” Fox, and Lora “Outa My” Wayman.  The final score would come in at 208-100.

Gang Green vs Boston B-Party, Montreal Sexpos

Never a team to miss out on the chance to play, Gang Green joined the All Stars on their Boston trip. Traveling with a light roster and facing multiple injuries during game time, Gang Green played hard.  They faced off against the Boston B-Party and the Montreal Sexpos, taking losses for both games.

Photos courtesy of Joe Medolo.