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Ohio vs. New Skids on the Block (Montreal, QC)

Ohio first met Montreal in 2009 and then again in 2013 during playoffs. Both of those meetings landed Ohio with wins over the New Skids on the Block despite Montreal’s higher ranking.  Going into Quad City Chaos this weekend, it looked as though it could go either way based on the history.  One thing was certain, of course: neither team was going to go down without a fight.

It didn’t look good from the start for OHRG, though.  With jammer The Smacktivist earning a track cut penalty in the first jam, Montreal was able to start off strong. In that first power jam Mel-E-Juana scored 19 points and Montreal barely looked back.  Penalty trouble continued for OHRG throughout the first half and into the second.  Ohio skaters spent a total of 38 penalty minutes to Montreal’s 26 throughout the two periods.

With the score at the half 169-96 in favor of Montreal, Ohio came back with a few power jams to start the second half off a bit stronger. They couldn’t seem to make up the point difference with their continued penalty trouble and the game ended 385-158.  The good news for Ohio is that they’ll have the chance for revenge when they play Montreal again in June.

Ohio vs. Bleeding Heartland Flatliners (Bloomington, IN)

Quad City is not the first time that Ohio has faced off against the Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls’ Flatliners. Last March saw Ohio bring in a win of 241-87 against the Bloomington, Indiana, team. This year didn’t see a much different result.

The first half saw the two teams with regular jammer rotations, including Nuck L Sammie and Speedium Rear for the Flatliners skating against OHRG’s Kitty Liquorbottom and Lora “Outa My” Wayman.  During the fifth jam, The Smacktivist put up 35 points which began Ohio’s steady pull away despite tough blocking from Bleeding Heartland’s Mauls Dolls and Mersadist. With the help of OHRG blockers Jesse “Ava Tarr” Fox and Ena Flash, BHRG began seeing more trouble including a slew of out of play penalties and track cuts.

During the second half, Ohio kept the pack fast and hard-hitting courtesy of Amy Spears and Zee “Loraine Acid” Gulertekin. The Flatliners were able to pull out their highest score in jam eight with 25 points courtesy of Bipolar Curves.  It wasn’t enough for any kind of comeback, however, with Bleeding Heartland only scoring a total of 49 points to Ohio’s 125 during the last half. The game ended with a big win for Ohio, 291-93.

Ohio vs.  CN Power (Toronto, ON)

During the last day of Quad City, OHRG finally got a shot at the home team: Toronto’s CN Power. After a minimal loss to Montreal the night before, Toronto obviously wanted a big win to finish out the tournament.  Ohio wasn’t going to give that to them willingly.

The first half saw only two lead changes between the teams, with Toronto gaining points fast while Ohio once again became penalty heavy. We saw some jammer rotation, but very few blocker changes.  Ohio tried to find the right formula for the game and stick to it. It’s worth noting that Quad City was the debut of Sk8 Crime and Hop Devil skating with the All Stars and they were not to be missed.  Sk8 could often be seen side-swiping Toronto’s blockers out of the way for her jammer or teaming up with Acid in defensive maneuvers.

While the first half ended in a 24 point advantage to Toronto, Ohio tapped into their second half magic and had the lead back in their favor by jam 4.  By the fourth lead change, Ohio had a strong gain over Toronto.  Ava worked hard to push jammers out and pull them back, further frustrating the CN Power players. After an all around intense half, the last two jams had everyone on the edge of their seats. With a 19 point jam for Toronto and the gap shrinking in score, penalties were exchanged between The Smacktivist and Toronto’s Betty Bomber. Before the last jam, a penalty against Betty was overturned during an official review, sending Mack back to the box until Wayman pulled Toronto’s last jammer, Dyna Hurtcha, into a track cut.  With the score 185-170, Ohio burned the clock (much to the chagrin of the Toronto fans) until the end of the period with Dyna bursting out of the box in the last seconds to pull a few more points.  The game ended 185-172 in favor of Ohio.

Congrats goes out to The Smacktivist for earning team MVP for Quad City Chaos!

Photos courtesy of Greg Russell and Joe Mac.