(24) Ohio Defeats (32) Syndicate
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(24) Ohio Defeats (32) Syndicate

The (24) Ohio Roller Girls played a tune-up bout against the (32) Chicago Outfit Syndicate this past weekend before they head out for a difficult road bout against Steel City on August 10th.  Historically, OHRG is 1-2 against the Syndicate, first suffering a loss at Chicago in 2010 (172-34), then again at the 2011 BrewHaHa tournament (68-147) before redeeming themselves at home in 2012 (164-97).  This past weekend’s 273-106 drubbing over the Chicago Outfit took Ohio’s record to 13-5 this season with two bouts to go before they head to Ft. Wayne (IN) for the WFTDA Division I playoffs in September.  The Chicago Outfit will also compete in Division I post-season play, but a little further west in Salem (OR).

The Ohio Roller Girls took the lead on the first jam and never looked back, thanks to clock-eating power jams and a staunch, powerful defense.  Ohio’s Phoenix Bunz scored the first four points of the bout before Lola Blow cut the OHRG lead in half 2-4 on the next jam.  Three double-digit jams over the next five outings saw the Ohio lead skyrocket quickly to 73-15 after only nine minutes.  During that time, Ohio received three power jams and saw The Smacktivist score 20, Kitty Liquorbottom tally 26, and Phoenix Bunz add 19.  Three jams later, Kitty Liquorbottom was able to produce a 13-0 jam thanks to stellar blocking by Outa My Wayman and Bunz who were able to hold Queefer Sutherland on her initial pass for two minutes.  With Kitty’s 13 pointer, Ohio held the lead 90-15, with 14:45 remaining in the first half.

A Liquorbottom track cut allowed for the only first half double-digit jam for the Outfit, a 12 pointer that took the score to 113-30.  Ohio was held scoreless over the next three jams, but good pack play by Pippi RipYourStockings, Bratislava Bruiser, and Loraine Acid only allowed six points to be scored by the Outfit.  Two consecutive Lola Blow penalties on the second to last jam of the half allowed The Smacktivist and Kitty Liquorbottom to chip in 29 and 18 points respectively to close the half.  At halftime, Ohio had amassed a commanding lead, 160-44.   Kitty Liquorbottom led all scorers in the first half with 66 points while The Smacktivist scored her first half 49 points on two jams.

The second half started much like the first for Ohio as they were able to obtain lead jammer nine of the half’s first ten jams.  A 20 point power jam to Phoenix Bunz during that time took Ohio’s lead to 214-48 with 18:15 remaining.  The 166 point lead was Ohio’s largest until the final jam when Ohio claimed victory by 167.  The Outfit’s Nicomatose, Lindiana Jones, Graves, and UmaBomber stepped up their intensity and allowed their jammers to score points by holding Ohio jammers to only two lead jammer advantages over the following nine minutes.

Although the bout was out of reach, the Chicago Outfit was able to nearly double their score and close the gap to 219-90 as they outscored the OHRG 42-5 over that time period.  Ohio’s offense couldn’t be stopped any longer as The Smacktivist and Kitty Liquorbottom again scored back to back double-digit jams (25 and 10) behind blockers Wayman, Bunz, Burnadeath, Bruiser, and RipYourStockings.  The tandem gave Ohio a comfortable cushion once again – 254-94 with only 3:45 left.  Points were nickel-and-dimed over the next three jams until a 15 point power jam to Phoenix Bunz allowed Ohio to run out the clock and claim victory over the Chicago Outfit Syndicate 273-106.

Jamming for the Ohio Roller Girls:  The Smacktivist (7-14, 103 points), Kitty Liquorbottom (6-13, 79 points), Phoenix Bunz (4-8, 68 points), Outa My Wayman (4-5, 12 points), Pippi RipYourStockings (3-3, 11 points), Paige Bleed (1-1, 0 points), and Burnadeath (0-1, 0 points).  Ohio obtained lead jammer twenty-five times and enjoyed eight power jams.

Jamming for the Chicago Outfit Syndicate:  Queefer Sutherland (5-13, 42 points), Matza Ballbreaker (4-9, 28 points), Lola Blow (6-14, 26 points), and The Joan Ranger (4-9, 10 points).  The Outfit obtained lead jammer nineteen times and had five power jams.

Images courtesy of Steve Stearns of Stearns Images.

Andrew Marron