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The (17 DNN, 18 WFTDA) Naptown Roller Girls were in desperate need of a bout to qualify for the 2013 playoffs after the unexpected cancellation of their June bout, leaving them one Division I bout away from qualifying for playoffs (primarily due to their bouts against Cincinnati and Windy City being unsanctioned).

True to their motto of “Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime,” the (23 DNN, 20 WFTDA) Ohio Roller Girls agreed to play the ladies from Indianapolis at their Columbus practice facility Wednesday night.  Even with the bout scheduled on short notice, both squads were able to field their primary teams as Ohio soundly defeated Naptown 232-106.  The bout and victory for Ohio not only ensured that Naptown would be playing in the post-season, but it was a bout Ohio wanted after losing to Naptown 86-222 with a short roster at last year’s Thrill of the Spill.

The bout kicked off as Ohio’s Phoenix Bunz was sent to the box for a back block on the third jam. Unopposed, Naptown’s Maiden America snatched an early 8-1 lead for the visiting Tornado Sirens.  The following jam placed Naptown’s G-Rocket in the box as Burnadeath and Amy Spears forced a track cut.  The power jam for Phoenix Bunz netted a 19-4 jam, and gave Ohio a lead they would never relinquish.

The following jam saw Naptown’s Pushycat spend time in the box after she inadvertently kicked Bratislava Bruiser after Bruiser knocked her to the ground.  The low block afforded Ohio a second power jam in as many jams, with The Smacktivist scoring a 25-4.  Two jams later, aided by phenomenal blocking by Outa My Wayman and Pippi RipYourStockings, The Smacktivist scored 20-0 for Ohio.  OHRG quickly found themselves ahead 68-16 with 18:00 remaining in the first period.

Following a Naptown timeout, the Sirens’ defense stepped up their game and held Ohio scoreless over the next seven jams which covered nearly ten minutes.  Led by Dora the Destroyer, Enya Grave, Asian Sinsation, R.I.P. tide, and Majestic, Naptown obtained lead jammer five of the seven jams and outscored Ohio 32-0.

To their credit, Ohio’s blockers Phoenix Bunz, Loraine Acid, Bratislava Bruiser, and Outa My Wayman did a fantastic job of holding Naptown jammers on their initial passes.  They even held the Sirens to a 5-0 power jam when The Smacktivist was sent to the penalty box for a low block.  At the end of their run, Naptown had cut into Ohio’s lead 48-68 with 8:45 left.

Ohio used a three-jammer rotation during the first half with Phoenix Bunz, Kitty Liquorbottom, and The Smacktivist while Naptown sent Maiden America, G-Rocket, Pushycat, Blue Messiah, and Willa Hoeflinch to don the star.  Both teams’ jammers for the remaining 8:45 were content to play “hit and quit” derby as neither squad was able to post double-digit jams.  Ohio obtained lead seven of the last ten jams of the half and matched points with Naptown, 9-9, to close the half.  At the intermission, the Ohio Roller Girls were ahead 81-57.

Ohio opened the second half with a fury after Amy Spears caused a track cut to Maiden America in the period’s first jam.  Naptown then quickly saw two of their blockers join Maiden in the box.  With a 4-2 pack advantage, Loraine Acid, Outa My Wayman, Amy Spears, and Pippi RipYourStockings cleared the two Sirens defenders out of the way for Phoenix Bunz as she rattled off a 29-0 jam.

Two jams later, it was again Ohio’s defense that dictated game play as Wayman knocked G-Rocket through turn four for the cut.  Bunz once again wore the star and tallied another 25-0 for the home squad.  With 24:00 remaining, Ohio had more than doubled up on Naptown, 137-65.

Naptown was able to put together a bit of a rally as Blue Messiah wore the star and scored 15-0 as Kitty Liquorbottom  was held on her initial pass for over one minute by blockers Scorpiopathic, Enya Grave, and Dora.  A Phoenix Bunz track cut allowed Pushycat to add an 11-1 three jams later and closed the gap to 154-91 with 16:00 left in regulation.

Naptown’s Maiden America was sent to the penalty box for a forearm penalty, but stuck behind a staunch Siren wall, Kitty Liquorbottom had to pass the star to Bratislava BruiserBruiser then went to the box for a track cut, which released America.  At the end of the jam, Ohio outscored Naptown 13-4, but saw their jammer still boxed as G-Rocket started jam 10 unopposed.  A quick 4-0 and call-off left Bruiser in the box for Ohio.  Willa Hoeflinch was then held by Ohio’s Bunz and Burnadeath to only 3 additional points.  Although they started two of the three jams with Ohio’s jammer in the box, and they obtained lead status in all three jams, Naptown was still outscored by Ohio 13-11.  Ohio held lead 167-102 as the clocked ran past the 11:00 mark.

Points were nickel-and-dimed over the next six jams as Ohio held strong 183-105 with just under 5:00 left.  Majestic would don the star for Naptown for the last three jams, but found herself in the box twice for separate track cuts on the second and third to last jams.  Ohio put the proverbial nail in the coffin as Bunz and Liquorbottom posted jams of 15 and 29, respectively, while unopposed.  Bunz added an additional 5-0 on the last jam to finalize the score at 232-106.

With the victory, Ohio increased their overall record to 16-4.  They will play Philly (in Pittsburgh) on July 14th.  The loss was Naptown’s first sanctioned loss of 2013, as their record stands at 5-1. Naptown will next face Charm City on July 20th.

Jamming for the Ohio Roller Girls were:  Phoenix Bunz (12-18, 108 pts), The Smacktivist (6-11, 67 pts), Kitty Liquorbottom (6-14, 49 pts), and Bratislava Bruiser (0-4, 8 pts). Ohio obtained lead jammer twenty-four times and benefited from nine power jams.  As a team, Ohio served twelve penalties.

Jamming for the Naptown Roller Girls were:  Pushycat (5-5, 35 pts), Blue Messiah (3-5, 22 pts), G-Rocket (6-13, 22 pts), Maiden America (5-13, 21 pts), Willa Hoeflinch (1-4, 3 pts), and Majestic (1-4, 3 pts). Naptown obtained lead jammer twenty-one times and were on the power jam five times.  As a team, Naptown served twenty-seven penalties.

Photos by David Van Deman.

Andrew Marron