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It was only eight months ago that Gang Green traveled to Detroit and suffered a close loss at the hands of the Motor City Disassembly Line 118-155.  Not wanting to relive the same outcome in front of their home crowd, Gang Green played a clean game and simply dominated their counterparts at the Ohio Building this past weekend 220-76.

The MCDL obtained lead the first two jams of the contest and briefly held a 2-0 lead before Gang Green took over and never looked back.  After trailing 0-2, Paige Bleed and Bigg Rigg scored jams of 10 and 15 respectively for a 25-2 swing.  Gang Green jammers were able to obtain lead over the next five jams and increased their lead to 40-2.  A couple of jams later, forearm and back block penalties to MCDL’s Ghetto Barbie allowed Blitz Lemon to nearly double Gang Green’s score with a 30 point power jam.

Nearly halfway through the first period, Gang Green started to pull away, 70-12.  Jammer penalties began to hurt Detroit’s reserve squad as Midnight Vulture found herself in the box for two penalties that spanned three jams.  First, a track cut allowed Gang Green’s Burnadeath to score a 20-0 power jam.  Burnadeath called the jam as Vulture stood in the box and allowed Shred Head to start the following jam unopposed.  Shred obtained lead and benefitted from a second track cut to Vulture and posted 25-0.

With 5:30 remaining in the period, Gang Green had obviously got over any thoughts of a repeat loss to Motor City as they comfortably led 122-16.  The final 5:30 slowed down a bit for Gang Green as they were only able to post 7 additional points before halftime.  A 20 point boost via a MCDL power jam yielded 20 points to Detroit’s Swift Justice right before the break.  At the intermission, Gang Green had put any doubt to rest who the better team was as they led 129-36.

Things went from bad to worse for Detroit in the second half.  Multiple jammer penalties and a stout Gang Green defense stymied any chance for a comeback for the Disassembly Line.  Gang Green was able to obtain lead jammer fourteen of the half’s twenty-two jams and posted four double-digit jams compared to two double-digit jams for Detroit the entire bout.  Bigg Rigg started the half with a 10-0 jam over Uhura Belle Death to take the score to 139-36.  Tenacious Gang Green defensive play by Blitz Lemon, Elektra Magneto, Pearl Rogi, TactiGal, Texas Chainsaw Sasskicker, and Nicold N Deadly never allowed MCDL jammers room to breathe.

In fact, Blitz Lemon played probably the best, most complete bout of her young career.  So much so, the statement “it’s like there’s two of her out there,” actually came from a skater on the Disassembly Line bench.  Add in her 37 jammer points, and she had arguably the best bout of anyone on skates.  Not to be unnoticed, Gang Green’s Zinnia Zombie also stood out for her second half play.  On the sixth jam of the half, Zinnia took the front of the pack alone and held MCDL jammer Meryl Slaughterburgh behind her for 3/4th of the track before Gang Green teammates recycled to the front and helped out.  Zinnia’s play helped Ohio gain a 148-43 advantage with 22:00 remaining.

Angla Vyle, Buster Chops and KloverKill also got in on the action as they drew three Detroit jammer penalties over the next four jams (all track cuts).  The unopposed advantage led to jams of 14, 14, and 16 by Bigg Rigg, Shred Head, and Burnadeath respectively.  The 44-4 run put Gang Green near the 200 point mark (192-47) halfway through the period. 

Texas Chainsaw Sasskicker received an approving applause from the home crowd six jams later as she sent Meryl Slaughterburgh sliding toward the fans at turn four.  Two of the final four jams of the contest were power jams to Gang Green in which KloverKill and TactiGal put an additional 10 combined points on the board.  What had been a foregone conclusion was then final as the referees signaled the end of the contest.  The 220-76 victory took Gang Green to 4-6 for the season.

Jamming for Gang Green was:  Burnadeath (6-11, 52 points), Bigg Rigg (7-12, 50 points), Shred Head (3-5, 46 points), Blitz Lemon (4-4, 37 points), Paige Bleed (3-7, 16 points), Pearl Rogi (1-1, 9 points), KloverKill (2-2, 5 points), and TactiGal (1-1, 5 points).

Gang Green was called for twenty-seven team penalties but benefitted from ten power jams.  They obtained lead jammer twenty-seven times.

Jamming for the Motor City Disassembly Line was:  Swift Justice (6-11, 50 points), Sam I Slam (4-9, 6 points), Uhura Belle Death (3-11, 5 points), Midnight Vulture (1-6, 5 points), Meryl Slaughterburgh (1-3, 0 points), Ghetto Barbie (0-2, 0 points), and Terror Ettes (1-2, 0 points).

The MCDL had twenty-nine team penalties, three power jams, and obtained lead jammer sixteen times.

Photos: Earl Sod (full set here) and Dorn Byg (full set here).

Andrew Marron