(20) Ohio Outduels (16) Detroit 196-147
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(20) Ohio Outduels (16) Detroit 196-147

Depending on which ranking system you looked at Saturday morning, either the (#23 DNN, #20 WFTDA) Ohio Roller Girls or (#24 DNN, #16 WFTDA) Detroit Derby Girls could have been considered the underdog in search of an upset against their opponent.  Historically, Detroit has had Ohio’s number, posting a 3-0 record over the ladies from Columbus.  Unfortunately, you can’t have a rivalry if one team always wins.  The Ohio Roller Girls broke the streak and snatched their first ever victory over the visitors from Motown this weekend 196-147 to secure their second victory over a higher ranked team this season.

In one of the best bouts of the season, those at the Ohio Building saw seven lead changes, a jam that included a star pass and four jammer penalties, and Detroit’s Racer McChaseHer get through the pack on her initial pass after losing two wheels on her left skate.  Both teams had something to prove after BrewHaHa where Detroit dropped two bouts to Windy City and Arch Rival, and Ohio suffered a big loss at the hands of Minnesota.  With only one more ranking released before playoffs, it was obvious from the start that both squads were ready to leave everything on the track.

Detroit started the bout fast and strong as they obtained lead jammer on the first four jams.  After that time, they had built an 18-0 lead over Ohio and looked as if they were positioning themselves to go on a long run.  Ohio’s Phoenix Bunz picked up lead on the following jam and cut the deficit in half following a 9-0 jam.  Kitty Liquorbottom then added a 9-2 for Ohio and cut Detroit’s lead to 18-20 with 22:30 remaining in the period.

Detroit’s McChaseHer, Ally Sin Shoverland, and Roxanna Hardplace obtained lead for jams 7-9, but strong Ohio pack play by Pippi RipYourStockings, Loraine Acid, and Phoenix Bunz held Detroit to only 7 added points.  Two jams later, McChaseHer posted a 12-0, their only double-digit jam of the period.  Her efforts increased Motown’s lead to 40-19 with 17:45 left.

The next nine jams saw old school “hit it and quit it” derby as Detroit was able to keep their lead by outscoring Ohio 16-14 over those nine jams.  Detroit’s pack was anchored by Murder City Mistress, Fatal Femme, and boo d. livers while Ohio regularly placed AvaTarr, Phoenix Bunz, Bratislava Bruiser, and Outa My Wayman in the mix during that timeframe.  Ohio continued to trail 56-33 with only 7:00 left in the first.

Ohio then got the break they needed as Ohio’s Wayman baited Ally Sin Shoverland into a track cut, which gave Ohio the only power jam of the first half.  Aided by her blockers, Phoenix Bunz posted a 25-0 before calling the jam as Shoverland stood in the box.  Bunz’s 25 pointer provided the first of seven lead changes during the bout, and gave Ohio the lead 58-56.  Kitty Liquorbottom added a 3-0 in the following jam.

Ohio’s lead was short-lived as the Detroit Derby Girls reclaimed the lead, 65-61, with 3:15 left as Roxanna Hardplace posted a 9-0 and her pack successfully held The Smacktivist and Bratislava Bruiser scoreless after a star pass.  Three more points by Detroit on the final jam by Shoverland would be the only other points posted as Detroit, although they more than doubled-up Ohio on lead jammer advantages 17-8, held an 8 point lead at the intermission.

In what could only be described as a Wild West shootout, the second half was full of everything a derby fan could ask for.  The last thirty minutes saw five lead changes and eight power jams.  After three jams of minimal points, Detroit held the lead 73-67.  Ohio’s The Smacktivist was then called for a track cut which allowed Feta Sleeze to score an 18-3 jam.  The Detroit power jam increased their lead to 91-70 with 24:30 remaining.

Ohio’s Phoenix Bunz then donned the star and posted an 18-0 jam thanks to superb blocking by Bratislava Bruiser, Pippi RipYourStockings, and Burnadeath.  Detroit’s lead to 91-88.  On the sixth jam, Roxanna Hardplace obtained lead for Detroit, accrued 10 points, but then found herself in the penalty box for a back block.  After posting four for Ohio, Kitty Liquorbottom took the score to 101-92.  With Roxanna still boxed, Phoenix Bunz scored a 10-0, and gave Ohio a 102-101 lead with 18:00 remaining.

The fourth lead change came on the very next jam as the tables turned back to Detroit’s favor after Shoverland posted a 4-0.  Two jams later, the wheels literally fell off for Detroit.  With a 108-102 lead, Racer McChaseHer toed the jammer line against The Smacktivist.  McChaseHer was sent to the box for a forearm penalty, but broke the front truck on her left skate leaving only the two rear wheels.  The Smacktivist was then called to the box for a track cut.

On six wheels, McChaseHer left the box and made it through the Ohio pack for her initial pass, using her toe stop as if she was riding a skateboard.  On her first scoring attempt, McChaseHer passed the star to Roxanna Hardplace who was sent for another forearm.  As the jam clocked ended, The Smacktivist attempted an apex jump to get a couple more points but made contact after the fourth whistle.  The illegal procedure penalty was called and both Hardplace and Smacktivist started the following jam in the box.  After that crazy jam, Ohio found themselves in the lead 117-111 with 12:30 to go.

Once again, Ohio’s lead was short-lived as Bruisie Siouxxx, Lazer Beam, and boo D. livers kept Ohio from scoring during the next two jams.  Stout defensive play allowed Detroit to snatch the bout’s sixth lead change 120-117 with 10:15 left to play.  The only lead change that matters, however, is the last one.  Ohio took advantage of a Shoverland low block and posted a 12-0 to reclaim the lead 129-120.  They called the jam as Shoverland stood in the box and Phoenix Bunz added an additional 19-0 on the following jam.

Another jammer penalty to Detroit three jams later gave Ohio the cushion they needed to put the proverbial nail in the coffin.  The power jam saw Bunz tack on a 29-0 jam that increased Ohio’s lead to 181-123 with 1:15 remaining in the bout.  McChaseHer took the star for the remaining two jams, but had no choice but to keep skating as Ohio was able to match her points.  On the final jam, McChaseHer posted 16, while Bunz added 15 of her game high 134 points to close the bout.

With the 196-147 victory, Ohio improved their record to 11-4.  Next up for Ohio is a July 14th bout in Pittsburgh (PA) for a neutral-site contest against the (#5 DNN, #11 WFTDA) Philly Roller Girls.  The loss drops Detroit to 3-4 with two games remaining on their schedule: a Sunday hangover bout against the Cincinnati Rollergirls, then an August 18th matchup with Carolina.

Jamming for the Ohio Roller Girls were:  Phoenix Bunz (9-17, 134 points), Kitty Liquorbottom (5-13, 36 points), The Smacktivist (3-13, 26 points), Outa My Wayman (0-1, 0 points), Pippi RipYourStockings (0-1, 0 points), and Bratislava Bruiser (0-1, 0 points).

Ohio obtained lead jammer seventeen times but benefited from six power jams.

Jamming for the Detroit Derby Girls were:  Racer McChaseHer (10-12, 52 points), Ally Sin Shoverland (7-15, 33 points), Roxanna Hardplace (6-11, 31 points), Feta Sleeze (1-3, 23 points), and Swift Justice (3-6, 8 points).

Detroit earned lead jammer twenty-seven times and had three power jams.

Photos by Earl Sod (full set here) and Dorn Byg (full set here).

Andrew Marron