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The (20) Ohio Roller Girls traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this past weekend to take part in the fourth annual Midwest BrewHaHa tournament hosted by the Brewcity Bruisers.  OHRG have participated at BrewHaHa all four years and, including this year, have amassed a 5-3 record at the annual event.  This year, Ohio split their weekend with a convincing defeat of (59) Pikes Peak 387-64, but lost to the (10) Minnesota RollerGirls 340-102.


Kitty Liquorbottom scores 110 points, The Smacktivist adds 104.

Ohio’s first opponent this past weekend was the Pikes Peak Derby Dames (PPDD) from Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Along with Ohio (and their next opponent Minnesota), Pikes Peak were original WFTDA members back in 2005.  Entering their bout with Ohio, PPDD were ranked #59 and had a 1-3 record including a non-sanctioned bout against Rocky Mountain. PPDD’s lone victory was against Ark Valley and their three setbacks were to teams all ranked considerably higher than them (Rocky Mountain, No Coast, and Arch Rival). The weekend’s losses to both Arch Rival and Ohio at BrewHaHa could potentially knock PPDD out of the Division II playoffs as only the teams ranked #40-#60 make the playoffs.

Ohio opened the bout fast and never took their collective foot off the gas.  Ohio was able to obtain lead jammer for the first nine jams of the contest, and forced three track cuts to Pikes Peak jammers in the process.  During the first nine jams, which covered nearly thirteen minutes, OHRG jammers were able to post jam totals of 25 and 35 by The Smacktivist, 14 by Phoenix Bunz, 12 by Kitty Liquorbottom, and 19 by HellionBOI.

After the initial nine jams, the Ohio Roller Girls had amassed a commanding 120-1 lead over their competitors.  Talk around the arena quickly turned from whether Pikes Peak could hang with Ohio to exactly how many points OHRG could possibly score.  In their bout against Arch Rival the day before, Pikes Peak was outscored 441-95, and many at the venue began to wonder if Ohio could outscore Arch versus a mutual opponent.  Three jams later, fantastic pack play lead to a 30-0 jam by HellionBOI in which the Pikes Peak jammer Cherri Springer was held on her initial pass for the entire two minutes.  With 12:00 remaining in the first half, Ohio led 152-3.

One bright spot for Pikes Peak came during the fifteenth jam as Bigg Rigg became stuck behind a three wall of blockers and eventually had to pass the jammer star to Bratislava Bruiser.  During that jam, PPDD jammer Kamilla Bloodspilla tallied 24 of the 31 points scored by PPDD for the entire half of play.  The final six minutes of the period saw Ohio outscore PPDD 43-4 as they entered the locker room ahead 217-31.

Pikes Peak jammers went to the penalty box four times during the first half.  If they were going to get back into the bout, they would need to stay out of the box.  Unfortunately for PPDD, they added six more Ohio power jams during the second half of play.  Pikes Peak never seemed to find a rhythm as they were only able to score 33 additional points over the remaining thirty minutes.

Meanwhile, Ohio jammers found so much success that two OHRG jammers eclipsed the century mark.  Kitty Liquorbottom’s 25 pointer during the half’s third jam was matched one jam later by Outa My Wayman’s 25-0 power jam.  Ohio was able to insert Bigg Rigg, Paige Bleed, and Burnadeath into the jammer rotation for the majority of the second half, all of whom were able to score for Ohio.

While OHRG jammers were able to rest up for their game against Minnesota the following day, Ohio blockers were content to play strong during the second half.  Loraine Acid, Ava Tarr, Pippi RipYourStockings, and Amy Spears continually sent PPDD jammers to the box while delivering vicious hits on their blockers.

In a game where double-digit jams are becoming the norm due to the frequency of penalties being called, Ohio’s pack was able to only allow two jams in which PPDD scored double-digits.  Kitty Liquorbottom and Outa My Wayman’s 20 and 10 point jams in the final 8:00 minutes took Ohio over the 350 point mark.  On cruise control the rest of the way, Ohio rolled to a 387-64 victory.  The win took Ohio’s record to 10-3.

Jamming for the Ohio Roller Girls were:  Kitty Liquorbottom (6-9, 110 points), The Smacktivist (7-9, 104 points), HellionBOI (2-3, 49 points), Outa My Wayman (2-2, 35 points), Paige Bleed (2-3, 29 points), Burnadeath (0-2, 25 points), Phoenix Bunz (3-5, 22 points), Loraine Acid (2-3, 7 points), Bigg Rigg (1-3, 6 points), Bratislava Bruiser (0-2, 0 points), and Ava Tarr (0-1, 0 points).  Ohio obtained lead jammer twenty-five times and benefited from ten power jams.

Jamming for Pikes Peak were:  Kamilla Bloodspilla (5-13, 40 points), Pepper Slay (6-14, 20 points), Audi Myway (1-3, 4 points), Ms. Stress (1-9, 0 points), and Mickey Torque (0-2, 0 points).  The Derby Dames obtained lead jammer thirteen times and had three power jams.

(20) OHIO FALLS TO (10) MINNESOTA 102-340

During their Sunday bout, the Ohio Roller Girls took on the #10 Minnesota RollerGirls (MNRG) from St. Paul (MN).  Minnesota is the highest ranked team that the OHRG will play during the regular season this year (Ohio will play #11 Philly later this season as well).  Although OHRG trailed at halftime, the All Stars looked good against a much faster, bigger Minnesota team early and much through the first half.

Ohio’s Phoenix Bunz started things off by securing a 9-0 against MNRG’s Harmony Killerbruise.  L’exi Cuter tied the bout on the second jam for Minnesota.  Two jams later, a cut to Fannie Tanner appeared to give Ohio the opportunity to score big points, but The Smacktivist was also called for cutting the track.  Once released from the box, Fannie Tanner skated to a 13-4 jam and provided Minnesota with the bout’s first lead change 23-15.

Minnesota’s Harmony Killerbruise was called for a cut on the subsequent jam and allowed Phoenix Bunz to score 17 points off of a star pass from Kitty Liquorbottom.  With 21:30 remaining, Ohio regained the lead and found themselves ahead 32-24.  Ohio’s lead was short-lived as a Bunz track cut opened the door for Minnesota’s Medusa to tally 25.  Medusa’s powerjam shifted the score for the third (and final) lead change back to the MNRG 53-32.

Another cut by Bunz two jams later rendered another 19 points for Minnesota.  Halfway through the first period, Minnesota lead 77-41.  Ohio jammers found it tough obtaining lead status for the remainder of the half, only being awarded that distinction two more times.  A power jam to Minnesota saw Fannie Tanner score a 20-0 before calling the jam.  Harmony Killerbruise then scored 15 and called the jam while OHRG’s jammer, Loraine Acid, stood in the box.  An unopposed start for the MNRG allowed L’exi Cuter to get lead and score 15 additional points.  Minnesota would nickel-and-dime points for the remaining 4:15 of the half and led 145-61 at the intermission.

Minnesota showed why they are ranked tenth in the world during the final thirty minutes of the bout.  MNRG pack players Buzz Tightrear, Diamond Rough, Scarmen Hellectra, Second Hand Smoke, and Juke Boxx consistently held Ohio jammers at bay and capitalized on Ohio penalties.

Ohio’s pack of Bratislava Bruiser, Pippi RipYourStockings, and Loraine Acid were able to hold Minnesota to minimal points for two or three jams in a row several times during the second half, but jammer penalties provided enough power jams to Minnesota to make the score lopsided.  Minnesota obtained lead 13 of the 18 jams in the second half to outscore Ohio 195-41.  As the final whistle blew, it was Ohio falling to 10-4 in their 2013 campaign.  Minnesota notched its first victory of the season to update their record to 1-4.

Jamming for Ohio were:  Phoenix Bunz (8-15, 67 points), Outa My Wayman (1-5, 16 points), Kitty Liquorbottom (0-9, 11 points), The Smacktivist (0-6, 4 points), Burnadeath (0-1, 4 points), Bratislava Bruiser (0-1, 0 points), Loraine Acid (0-3, 0 points), and HellionBOI (0-3, 0 points).  Ohio obtained lead nine times and found themselves on the power jam five times.

Jamming for Minnesota were:  L’exi Cuter (9-10, 113 points), Harmony Killerbruise (3-9, 86 points), Fannie Tanner (5-9, 74 points), and Medusa (7-9, 67 points).  The Minnesota RollerGirls obtained lead jammer twenty-four times and benefited from eight power jams.

Andrew Marron