Gang Green Controls The French Broads 304-90
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Gang Green Controls The French Broads 304-90


In the day’s opening bout, Ohio’s Gang Green got things started for the home fans as they soundly defeated the French Broads, the visiting Blue Ridge Rollergirls’ reserve squad.  Despite the final score being quite lopsided, the bout itself was very entertaining.  It featured fifteen power jams, three lead changes, Shred Head joining the elite century club by scoring over 100 points, and those in attendance witnessing an astounding number of different jammers wearing the starred helmet cover; of the 28 rostered skaters between the two squads, 19 different skaters played in the jammer position at least once in the contest.

The bout started as French Broads’ jammer Beer Wench tallied three for the visitors, but was called for a track cut as the jam ended.  The subsequent power jam allowed for Gang Green’s Elektra Magneto to create the bout’s first lead change 10-3.  The bout was relatively constant for the next five jams as Gang Green held the lead 24-8 with 21:45 remaining.

A track cut to Ohio’s TactiGal put the French Broads on a power jam during the eighth jam of the half.  Beer Wench used the advantage to score 21 unanswered.  Beer Wench’s power jam caused the second lead change, this time to Blue Ridge 24-29.  Wench was followed by Little MerMadness who posted five.

Unfortunately for the French Broads, their lead only lasted one jam as a track cut to Disgrace Slick put their jammer in the penalty box.  Gang Green’s Shred Head raced for 24 of her 105 points and gave her squad the lead for good with 15:00 remaining in the first half.  Eight points by Paige Bleed and an additional 22 pointer by Elektra Magneto opened things up for Gang Green as they began to pull away on the scoreboard.

The Gang Green defensive groupings of Texas Chainsaw Sasskicker, Blitz Lemon, KloverKill, and Pearl Rogi held the French Broads scoreless for the next five jams.  With a 92-40 advantage with 08:00 remaining, a slew of jammer penalties crippled the Blue Ridge squad for the remainder of the half.

Over the following three jams, Gang Green jammers were sent to the box twice and Blue Ridge jammers were sent four times.  Yes, six jammer penalties in three jams.  A back block penalty to Beast Coast Bruiser during the first half’s final jam was the French Broads’ eighth jammer penalty of the period.  Over the final eight minutes of this half, Gang Green was able to outscore Blue Ridge 54-6 to hold a 136-46 lead going into the intermission.

Gang Green’s Blitz Lemon kicked off the second half with an apex jump as she posted eight additional points to Ohio’s lead.  Gang Green’s defense played extremely well throughout the second period, and only allowed the French Broads to score 44 points over the thirty minute time frame.

Paige Bleed, Texas Chainsaw Sasskicker, Foxy Force, Angla Vyle, and Blitz Lemon each delivered precise hits on the opposing jammer and often baited them into penalty-resulting mistakes.  Compared to Gang Green’s six double-digit jams of the second half, Blue Ridge was only able to post two of their own, both of which were ten-pointers.

In the second half, Shred Head had jams of 25, 11, and 15.  Pearl Rogi added a 15-pointer as well.  In her Gang Green home debut, Ally McSqueal jammed once and tallied 25 as the French Broads failed to field a jammer.

Along with Ally McSqueal, Quiet Storm and Zinnia Zombie also made their Gang Green debuts in front of the Columbus faithful and all three played very well.  KloverKill closed the bout by scoring a 5-0 jam against Blue Ridge’s Waggle, and took Gang Green over the 300 point mark.  Gang Green improved their 2013 record to 3-4 with the 304-90 victory over the visiting French Broads.  Paige Bleed was named MVP for Gang Green and Lexistential Crisis shared the honors for the French Broads.

Jamming for Gang Green were:  Shred Head (5-9, 105 points), Elektra Magneto (3-5, 71 points), Paige Bleed (3-6, 41 points), Pearl Rogi (1-3, 30 points), Ally McSqueal (1-1, 25 points), Blitz Lemon (4-6, 25 points), KloverKill (2-5, 5 points), Foxy Force (1-1, 2 points), TactiGal (0-4, 0 points), and Quiet Storm (0-1, 0 points).  Gang Green obtained lead jammer twenty times and benefited from eleven power jams.

Jamming for the French Broads were:  Beer Wench (6-14, 53 points), Little MerMadness (5-11, 27 points), Shadow of Beth (2-3, 5 points), Beast Coast Bruiser (1-5, 5 points),  Polli Slamherass (0-1, 0 points), Disgrace Slick (0-1, 0 points), Waggle (0-2, 0 points), Gypsy (0-1, 0 points), and Tofu Hustle (0-1, 0 points).  The French Broads obtained lead jammer fourteen times and were on the power jam four times.

Photos couresy of Dorn Byg and ShutHerUp Photography.

Andrew Marron