Gang Green Splits Road Trip
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Gang Green Splits Road Trip

Playing with a short roster, Gang Green broke even with a record-breaking 448-40 win against River City’s Uncivil Warriors and a slim loss to Charm City’s Female Trouble 185-200.


In an attempt to salvage a victory in front of their home crowd, the River City Uncivil Warriors took the track against Ohio’s Gang Green in the second bout of the afternoon.  Much like the charter team who played before them, Gang Green was nearly perfect as they not only scored the most points by any team to ever play in the Greater Richmond Convention Center, but they also scored the most points in Gang Green team history.  During their 448-40 win, Gang Green had two jammers eclipse the century mark (Elektra Magneto with 117 and Bigg Rigg with 104), which is another first for either Gang Green or for Ohio’s charter team.

Gang Green obtained lead on the bout’s first three jams.  Two consecutive jammer penalties to River City’s Barbie Beretta and Cindy Boo Who lead to jams of thirty-five, twenty-five, and twenty points for Bigg Rigg, Paige Bleed, and Elektra Magneto respectively.  Five minutes into the bout, Gang Green was pitching a shutout 80-0.

The Uncivil Warriors put three on the board on the fourth jam, as Sirius Block was able to obtain lead and call the jam after Bigg Rigg only scored one for Gang Green.  Elektra Magneto would post fifty-eight points (jams of 24 and 34) over the following five jams.  A nineteen-pointer by Bigg Rigg extended Ohio’s lead to 164-6 with 14:45 remaining in the half.

Three more jammer penalties to River City allowed for multiple double-digit jams by Gang Green, including a thirty-nine pointer by Bigg Rigg in which Pearl Rogi successfully blocked three opposing skaters with one push from the inside line.  At halftime, Gang Green was comfortably ahead 252-15.

A late penalty to TactiGal at the end the first half allowed River City to start the second half unopposed on the jammer line.  Unfortunately, Finger Flippin Good would be sent to the penalty box twice during the half’s first jam.  Pearl Rogi and Texas Chainsaw Sasskicker dominated the front of the pack and allowed TactiGal to exit the box and score twenty-six points.

Starting the next jam alone, Paige Bleed benefited from excellent blocking by Foxy Force and Buster Chops and scored twenty-five.  The two opening jams of the second half took Ohio over the 300 point mark as they continued to extend their lead to 303-15.  A nine pointer by River City’s Sirius Block excited the home crowd as it led to a stellar 13-1 run by the Uncivil Warriors.

With 19:00 remaining, however, River City jammers would not obtain lead jammer again as Gang Green would earn the next thirteen opportunities to end the jam.  Gang Green would out score River City 142-12 over the remainder of the bout.  The run was highlighted by double-digit jams by Paige Bleed (15), Elektra Magneto (30), Shred Head (25), Pearl Rogi (14), and Texas Chainsaw Sasskicker (30).

With the victory, Gang Green improved their record to .500 at 2-2.  Pearl Rogi was voted Most Valuable Jammer for Gang Green while Outa My Wayman was voted Most Valuable Blocker.  Picking up the awards for River City were Barbie Beretta (Jammer) and Arianna Hustlin (Blocker).

Jamming for Gang Green were:  Elektra Magneto (7-8, 117 points), Bigg Rigg (5-8, 104 points), Paige Bleed (6-6, 86 points), TactiGal (4-5, 58 points), Shred Head (4-6, 33 points), Texas Chainsaw Sasskicker (1-1, 30 points), and Pearl Rogi (3-4, 20 points).  Gang Green obtained lead jammer thirty times and benefited from twelve power jams.

Jamming for the River City Uncivil Warriors were:  Sirius Block (1-6, 19 points), Finger Flippin Good (2-11, 6 points), Barbie Beretta (1-6, 5 points), D-Ball (2-3, 4 points), Eva Anarchy (0-7, 4 points), Alpha Betty (0-1, 2 points), Arianna Hustlin (0-2, 0 points), and Cindy Boo Who (0-3, 0 points).  River City obtained lead jammer six times and enjoyed three power jams.


Ohio’s Gang Green looked to get on the plus side of .500 as they took on their hardest competition of the season, the Charm City Female Trouble.  The bout had seven lead changes, seventeen power jams, and wasn’t decided until the final four minutes.  Unfortunately for Gang Green, they fell short of the upset, as Charm City was able to reclaim and hold the lead with 3:30 remaining.

Gang Green started the bout well, securing a 4-0 lead by Bigg Rigg.  Charm City’s Ela Trick then posted a 15-0 on the third jam, causing the bout’s first lead change.  After a fifteen pointer by Charm’s Red Pepper on the ninth jam, the Female Trouble lead 37-11 with 21:30 remaining in the period.  The lead was short-lived for Charm, as their jammer Lucky Penny was called for three consecutive penalties.

Strong team work from the likes of Outa My Wayman, Texas Chainsaw Sasskicker, Angla Vyle, Buster Chops, and Pearl Rogi allowed Bigg Rigg and Paige Bleed to post scores of twenty-five and twenty-one respectively, and swung the scoreboard back to Gang Green 57-37.  Points were minimal over the next six jams until a track cut by Elektra Magneto provided Charm City with a power jam.  Hittsburgh scored 25-0 and brought Charm City within one point, 69-70, with 7:30 remaining.

Elektra Magneto, still boxed at the start of the next jam, was released due to a penalty by Red Pepper.  Magneto passed the star cover to pivot TactiGal, who raced around for fifteen points.  A fifteen pointer by Paige Bleed to close the half put Gang Green ahead 100-79.

The second half started just like the first, with Ohio posting four points on the opening jam.  Three jams later, an Ela Trick track cut allowed Elektra Magneto to score thirty points, and took Gang Green to a sixty point lead, 140-80.  Good pack play by the Female Trouble secured an 18-0 jam for Hittsburgh, and cut the deficit to 98-140.  Two consecutive penalties to Gang Green jammers created the third lead change after Ela Trick and Hittsburgh posted twenty-four and twenty point jams, respectively.

With a 145-140 lead, Charm City’s jammer then made an error and cut the track.  Paige Bleed scored sixteen, which gave the lead back to Gang Green 156-147.  The bout became tied during the fourteenth jam at 162, then two lead changes over the next two jams gave the lead back to Ohio, 168-167, with 8:30 left.  Ela Trick then posted 11 two jams later for Charm City for the bout’s seventh and final lead change, 187-181.

Gang Green fielded a strong veteran pack, but a back block by jammer Pearl Rogi allowed Charm City to cruise over the final two jams, outscoring Ohio 13-4.  The 185-200 loss took Gang Green to 2-3 on the season.

MVP Blocker honors went to Texas Chainsaw Sasskicker; MVP Jammer was the always dynamite, Bigg Rigg.

Jamming for Gang Green were:  Paige Bleed (7-12, 63 points), Bigg Rigg (5-13, 52 points), Elektra Magneto (1-6, 35 points), Pearl Rogi (2-8, 18 points), TactiGal (0-1, 15 points), Shred Head (1-3, 2 points), and Outa My Wayman (0-1, 0 points).  Gang Green obtained lead jammer sixteen times and benefited from eleven power jams.

Jamming for the Charm City Female Trouble were:  Hittsburgh (8-11, 80 points), Ela Trick (7-11, 62 points), Red Pepper (6-11, 52 points), and Lucky Penny (2-9, 6 points).  Charm City obtained lead jammer twenty-three times and had six power jams.

River City photos are courtesy of Mike Boycourt, MBS Photography , see full set here.

Charm City photos are courtesy of Tyler Shaw, Derby Photography, see full set here.

Andrew Marron