Wendra Woman, SO

How did you pick your derby name?

My name is Wendy.   My HS track team nickname was Wendra.  15 year later it was resurrected and birthed Wendra Woman – it brings out the super hero in me!  My derby number naturally became W2.

How long have you been involved in roller derby?

I skated 2008-2011. Reffed and coached the Rec League 2012-2015. Reffing currently and volunteering with the league.

How did you get into derby?

As a child I snuck around my mom to watch restricted ‘TV violence’ = ROLLER DERBY!   I would sit mesmerized… 2 feet from the TV, volume on mute, dreaming that someday I could be out beating on girls on skates!  Who knew a childhood dream would actually come true!

Do you have any pre or post bout rituals?

Chill in the Zebra room with the crew.

How has derby impacted your life?

More ways that I can express in words… As a personal fitness trainer/ instructor, some of my competitive background was based on body fat percentage and the measurement of your biceps.  What derby has taught me is that outstanding athleticism comes in all shapes and sizes.

Who inspires you?

Every single skater brave enough to suit up and step on the track.

Do you have any other hobbies?

Designing jewelry, riding my motorcycle and mt. bike, dancing, climbing, hiking, all types of skiing, teaching fitness, yoga, watching my HBO favorites and whatever shows up next!




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