Timothy T. Justice, NSO

How did you get into derby?

I saw the reality show on A&E and discovered the Ohio Roller Girls link on that league’s website.

Do you have any other hobbies?

Spending time with my wife and 2 daughters (yeah, derby can take up that much time). I also enjoy playing the drums, reading a good book and watching reality shows. I do sometimes just like to sack out for a day and catch up on movies/TV shows I have DVR’d.

What is your favorite derby memory thus far?

Honestly my favorite derby memory is the next one. Derby has led me in so many different directions: writing recaps for a newspaper, head reffing my first bout, achieving Level 3 Certification (HR, IPR), even winning a gold ADDY award for photography (thanks to the talented X-Tron) that I can’t pick a favorite from the past and instead look forward to the next future amazing moment.

Who inspires you?

Anyone who has the determination and willpower to be involved in this sport. It takes a huge amount of time and effort and sacrifice since this is all done on a volunteer basis. That amount of character should always be recognized and respected. Also anyone who can cook a steak medium well- it’s a lost art I tell you!

How/why did you pick your derby name?

Its a tribute to Jackie Gleason and the character he played in Smokey and the Bandit. I am pretty quiet so that persona seemed a little better fit for derby.

Do you have any pre or post bout rituals?

Reviewing the WFTDA rulebook to ensure I am up to date on the information needed to do the job I have been assigned. Checking and double checking to make sure we have enough tape for the track (is there ever enough???).

How has derby impacted your life?

It’s definitely given me more confidence in myself and my abilities. I never thought I would achieve the level of success and recognition that I have. It’s also given me a huge network of friends that I can go to and lean on for support and advice. I have also heard some very interesting words come out of my mouth since being in derby that my wife is rather unimpressed with. Who knew derby was so corrupting?

Copyright 2018 Ohio Roller Derby // Photos by Dorn Byg, Earl Sod, Joe Mac, Candace Moser-Stafford, & Others Where Credited // All Rights Reserved