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Jul 22

After a whirlwind four months of games both here in Columbus and on the road, Ohio Roller Derby has wrapped up their regular competitive season. Now, the All Stars turn their attention to postseason play after receiving an invitation to the first-ever North America – East WFTDA Continental Cup.

Changes to the WFTDA Playoffs model for 2018 set a higher bar for teams hoping to be ranked in Division 1 (top 28 teams worldwide, down from top 40 in 2017) and eliminated Division 2 Playoffs, but assigned all teams to regions based on their location and created three Continental Cups for teams ranked below the new Division 1 cutoff. The European Cup will welcome the top 8 teams from the Europe and Africa regions; the North America – West Cup, the top 12 from the North America – West and Asia Pacific regions; and the North America – East Cup, the top 12 from the South America and North America – East regions. A record number of teams declining invitations to these tournaments – many due to high cost of international travel – allowed for extended invitations to several teams who had narrowly missed the initial cutoffs for Division 1 Playoffs or Continental Cups. The Ohio All Stars are excited to join eleven other teams from the North America – East region in Kalamazoo, Michigan for this inaugural Continental Cup on August 17-19.

Thank you for your support throughout the 2018 regular season, and stay tuned for more information about all the events still to come!

Photo by Katherine Seghers.

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