Jun 15
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Today, we’re talking with Danielle, owner of Body Jewel. She is a huge supporter of the Ohio Roller Girls and the roller derby movement. We visited one of her stores to get the scoop on who they are and what they do!


1. Tell us about your business.

With the largest selections of quality body jewelry, we pride ourselves in bringing the most up to date styles, designs, and superb customer service in the industry.


2. How did you started?

We wanted to do something different, and something we enjoyed. Our goal was to offer a great selection of body jewelry at a reasonable price. It has been 9 years since we started, and we have no plans on slowing down any time soon.

3. Where are your stores located?

We have locations at Eastland Mall, Tuttle Mall, and Polaris Mall – all in Columbus. We also have locations in Tri-County Mall (Cincinnati) and the Dayton Mall.


4. How did you find out about the Ohio Roller Girls?

Pearl Rogi invited me to a bout. I remember watching the team warm up before the first bout thinking it is going to be like the stuff you saw on TV. I was blown away by their athleticism and grace, it was nothing like what I was expecting. I have always loved full contact sports – but most are dominated by men. I found a new favorite sport

5. Do you have an online store?

In 2012 we launched our website, mybodyjewel.com, We are one of the only retail internet sites with five brick and mortar locations throughout central Ohio, as well as offering professional piercings. We offer free shipping on all orders over $20.00


6. What made you decide to sponsor OHRG?

The more I learned about the Ohio Roller Girls, the more impressed I was. These are professional women, with careers and families. Pearl Rogi first introduced me to the sport, and I attended a few clinics with KloverKill when she started skating. We are proud to sponsor such an incredible group of dedicated individuals. We believe in hard work, sacrifice, and giving back to the community, they exemplify this as a team.

7. Do you have any new/exciting products to tell us about?

We are constantly updating our selections, instore and online. Currently we are awaiting new organic styles, so stop in or check out mybodyjewel.com soon to see what’s new.


8. You do free face painting at the bouts, tell us about that!

There is nothing more rewarding than a smile from a happy kid! Bringing jewelry to the bouts would have been difficult, but we wanted to offer something, so we brainstormed and decided to do free face painting for kids. At the end of the season we will match all donations to the Clintonville food pantry.

9. Anything we missed?

Special thanks to our amazing staff they make it all possible, Billy James, Jodi Whittenberger, Julia Lance, Miranda Burris, Alex Hannah, Katelyn Eales, Corey Godoy, Jeff Wilson, Emmaleen Fair, just to name a few. We appreciate all you do and recognize all your hard work!


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