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I haven't skated in years, can I still join OHRP?

Yes! Ohio Roller Derby is committed to training people of all abilities and skill levels to participate in flat track roller derby. Our members vary in age and athletic ability; we welcome all skill levels. Come in as a beginning skater, an ice or inline skater wanting to try out skating on quads, a retiree, or first year derby skaters from other leagues wanting additional track time.  If you’re a bit rusty, don’t worry,  you will be taught many of the basic skills you will need in our 101 Clinics prior to joining OHRP for more advanced practices and full contact scrimmages. However, new skaters are strongly encouraged to practice basic skating skills on their own time, such as controlled starts and stops, crossovers on the corners, gliding on one skate, and skating at least 10 laps without stopping.

Many join OHRP in preparation for tryouts with Ohio Roller Derby, but many others join for a fun workout and a great way to meet new interesting people!

All skaters must be 18 years or older.

What do I need to have to join OHRP?

A good attitude and a sense of humor. We can provide skates and gear for up to 3 months or one quarter session. All skaters are required to wear quad-style skates, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, a helmet, and a mouth guard. Again, for your safety and the timely progression of the trainers’ practice agendas, new skaters are encouraged to practice basic skating skills outside of practice and to participate in a regular fitness routine before joining OHRP.

I don't have my own equipment, can I rent gear?

We allow OHRP skaters to borrow gear and skates for one session or until they become level 3 skater, but gear and skates stay at our practice space. We have up to a certain amount of skates that these are provided on a first come basis. If you are interested in purchasing gear you can purchase gear from existing skaters who are upgrading or from various derby vendors.

How much does derby gear cost?

Prices vary based on the vendor and the quality of the equipment. Some online vendors sell “Rookie Packages” including skates and all the necessary safety gear. These start at about $200 for a very basic set of skates and all your gear.

Will I get hurt?

Flat Track Roller Derby is a full contact sport. You do run a risk of injury. Injuries range from bruises and strained muscles to broken bones and everything in between. In general, you are able to choose the level of intensity with which you want to participate. The OHRP trainers are highly skilled and safety is their first priority at all times. They will do their best to ensure that all skaters participating are safe to be on the track.

Do I need to have insurance to be a part of OHRP?

YES! Personal insurance is highly recommended but not required.  However, all members participating in OHRP are required to purchase a low cost, high deductible insurance policy administered through the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association which costs approximately $75-$80 annually.

What if I can't make it to all of the practices?

Life sometimes gets in the way of derby. We encourage participants to attend as many practices and/or scrimmages as possible. The most important thing is that all skaters are safe, and the only way the trainers will know you are safe is by watching you at practice. Skaters who have missed an excessive number of practices, or who have not mastered basic safety skills, may not be allowed to participate in certain drills or advance to the next level of OHRP.

Is childcare provided?

Childcare is not provided due to our insurance restrictions disallowing minors in our facility.

Can I bring spectators?

Practices & Scrimmages are closed to spectators.

How is the Ohio Recreational Program structured?

Within OHRP there are three distinct levels of rec league play OH-1, OH-2, and OH-3.

    • OH-1’s main focus and goals are the non-contact portion of minimum skills i.e. falls, skating posture, stops, etc.  Skaters will be able to borrow gear for this group, and will wear a white tops during practices.
    • OH-2 is a full contact level with the goal of improving skills the skills learned from OH-1 or for skaters that have one or more years of derby playing experience, introducing objectives of derby play, prepping for scrimmaging, and introducing rules of derby. Skaters can borrow gear for these sessions, though may have to sit out some drills, this is up to trainer discretion. These skaters will wear green tops during practices.  OH-2 Skaters can go to all OH-2 & OH-1 sessions.
    • OH-3’s scrimmage level of play. This level is only scrimmages and skaters should go to OH-2 sessions to continue to work on individual and pack skills. Skaters will need to have all their own gear for these sessions and will wear black during practices. OH-3 skaters can go to OH-2 and OH-1 sessions.

A skills assessment to determine levels will only be at the beginning of each session. At the last practice of each session another skills test will be given to those wishing to advance to the next level. To advance to the OH-3 level, a WFTDA rules test must also be passed. This will be discussed in depth prior to the skills assessment at the end of each session.

This all sounds great; how do I join?

Email recruiting@ohiorollerderby.com to get started or to ask which session may be best for you or you can sign up and pay online below:

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