Are you a beginner to intermediate roller derby athlete looking to expand to your skill set? Come get schooled at Hipcheck U!

The Ohio Roller Girls are excited to announce our inaugural roller derby clinic. This all-day session will be hosted at our WarHouse practice facility in Columbus on July 19, 2014. Learn some new skills and refine some old ones with your favorite Ohio Roller Girls – then show off what you’ve learned at an end-of-day scrimmage. Admission includes a full day of instruction from OHRG trainers, a midday snack, a take-home packet with drills and a gift, entry into a prize pack raffle, and admission to the after-party.


9:00 – Registration

10:00 – Jammer Class

11:00 – Blocker Class

12:00 – Lunch break

1:00 – Walls, Walls, Walls!

2:00 – Offensive/Defensive Transitions

3:00 – Power Jams and Starts

4:00 – Snack break

5:00 – Scrimmage

6:30 – Prize basket raffle

7:00 – Head to the after-party!

You can find more information in our Classes, FAQ, and Trainers sections above.

Register for the clinic HERE. Once completed, please purchase admission to the clinic HERE. Both steps must be completed to be properly enrolled.

Jammer Class

The Jammer class covers a range of topics, including edging, juking, speed variations, and stops. This class is full contact.

Blocker Class

The Blocker class covers many topics, including stance, hitting techniques, stops, teamwork, and awareness. This class is full contact.

Walls, Walls, Walls! 

This session will use the skills from the Blocker Class to break down what makes each type of wall successful. This class is full contact.

Offensive and Defensive Transitions

This session will cover the why, how, and when of transitions from offense to defense and vice versa.

Power Jams and Starts

This class will include walk-throughs of various power jam and start scenarios. This class will include some contact.


Clinic participants will have a chance to showcase everything they have learned in a black & white scrimmage.

How old do you have to be to participate?

We are unable to host minors at our WarHouse facility. You must be 18 years old to participate. Please bring your ID to present at registration the day of the clinic.


Is this clinic co-ed?

No, we are not offering a co-ed clinic at this time.


Do I need to be a part of a WFTDA league to participate?

No, but skaters must have current WFTDA insurance and have passed the WFTDA minimum skills in the past 12 months. Please be ready to provide your insurance number during registration.


How do I know what skill level to select?

Freshman: You’ve passed WFTDA minimum skills assessments but are new to derby. You have been with your team for one season or less and may not have been rostered for a game yet. Your focus is on the fundamentals of the sport to improve your foundation. Classes focus on blocking and jamming form, footwork, and basic strategies in typical situations.

Sophomore: In addition to having passed WFTDA minimum skills, you have been with your team for at least one full season, and have been rostered for games. Most of your basic skate & derby skills are solid and you are looking to improve your stops, footwork, lateral movement, partnering, and other intermediate skills. To be a Sophomore, you should be proficient in plow stops, backwards skating, jumping, and have a basic understanding of rules and strategy.

Junior: In addition to passing WFTDA minimum skills assessments, you have been playing derby for more than a year. You are regularly rostered with a home or travel team. You have a pretty good idea of what is going on around you on the track and are able to block and jam successfully in a game setting. You can hold your own against opponents. To be considered a Junior, you should have a firm grasp of: a variety of stops, backwards skating with lateral movement, transitions from forward to backwards skating, and jumping.

Note: This clinic is not geared toward advanced/elite skaters.

Can I just watch and take notes?

A limited quantity of spectator passes are available at a discounted rate. Spectators are permitted to observe all classes and scrimmage.  Register HERE. Once completed, please purchase admission to the clinic HERE. Both steps must be completed to be properly enrolled.


Do you provide any food?

Please bring a packed lunch and plenty of water. OHRG will provide coolers with ice to store labeled skater lunches. OHRG will offer an afternoon snack and will have water coolers available throughout the day.

What is the floor like?

It is polished concrete; grippy wheels are recommended.


How do I get signed up?

Register HERE. Once completed, please purchase admission to the clinic HERE. Both steps must be completed to be properly enrolled.


I purchased a ticket, but I am now unable to attend. May I return the ticket?

Admission into the clinic is non-refundable. However, if you are unable to attend, you may switch your admission name to an eligible skater with OHRG approval up to 1 week before the clinic.


About the Team

The Ohio Roller Girls formed in 2005 and were founding members of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. They are currently in their 9th season of game play. OHRG hosted and played in the first-ever East regional tournament in 2007, and returned to make playoffs appearances in 2011, 2012 and 2013. In 2013, they finished 2nd in the Fort Wayne Division 1 Playoffs, earning their first ever trip to WFTDA Championships, where they defeated Rat City Rollergirls in the first round before being knocked out by eventual champs Gotham Girls Roller Derby. In their nine years of inter-league play, they have played more sanctioned games than any other team in the WFTDA, and they have consistently been ranked in the top 25 of the WFTDA for the past 4 seasons.

About the Trainers

Amy Spears has been playing with OHRG since the league’s first season in 2006, and has been on the Charter Team roster since its inception, chiefly as a blocker. She has served on OHRG’s training committee for 4 years during her career. She has also played with Midwest MEGA Team and the co-ed Team Berzerker.

Jesse “Ava Tarr” Fox started her derby career with the Silicon Valley Roller Girls in San Jose, CA, before she could even do a crossover. She joined OHRG in October 2010 and has served on the training committee since 2012. She looks forward to making you sweat in a C & C Music Factory kind of way.

Kitty Liquorbottom has been with OHRG since the fall of 2007. She became a member of the charter team during her rookie year and has been playing for the past six seasons, primarily as a jammer. She has served on the Training Committee for five consecutive seasons.

Lora “Outa My” Wayman has been with OHRG since Spring of 2010, quickly working up the ranks as the “blocker to watch” of the All Star team. She is a force of nature on the track, whether blocking or jamming. She wants to use her knowledge to whip you into shape!

Paige Bleed has been with OHRG since 2009. She primarily blocks with the All Stars. Paige has a background in the skating rink. She enjoys creative cross-training, like aerial classes. She looks forward to working with you to get to the next level.

Texas Chainsaw Sasskicker has been with OHRG since the fall of 2010. She has jammed, blocked, pivoted,and coached with the OH! Rec League, Gang Green, and the All Stars during her derby career. She also enjoys training and coaching other leagues when she travels. You could say she gets around.


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