1. State your derby name and rank, soldier.

Great Scott, Mediocre Scott, and sometimes simply Just OK Scott. Seems to depend on who you ask versus who I may have peeved at the moment.

2. You recently left a prestigious role as a well-respected Level 4 referee to coach the All Stars. Why the change?

I had reached my goals. I wanted to reach Level 4. I wanted to Head Ref at the Big 5 tournament level. I wanted to work Championships. I wanted to pass some of my officiating knowledge along. And I did all those things, to include officiating the 2010 WFTDA Championship game. 7 years is long time at any one thing, and I didn’t see the goal of going for a decade as mattering all that much.

3. How are you liking your new gig as coach?

It is much different on the other side. And while I’m still young wearing the “A”, I’m settling into my own rhythm and style. It may be a little easier because I have a grander insight into the ‘whole’ of the game now. But managing the emotions of 14 skaters, my own excitement and pressures, and all that preparation leading up to game time… incredibly unique ride altogether. And a bit addictive with a whole new set of goals in development. Each game I find something new to work on, both for myself and the team. I’m excited to see the development over the course of this season.

4. You bear a striking resemblance to Clark Kent. Are you Superman?

Would a true superhero ever tell? Someone will have to just yank my shirt off to find out if there’s a cape underneath. And no Wayman, that is not an invitation.

5. What made you first decide to get involved with OHRG?

Broken heart. A time when I needed a distraction and something to pour myself into. Little did I know what I’d find. Myself again, a team, a wonderful group of friends. And most of all… a full heart and a beautiful wife. It was exactly the right decision at the right time. I have to thank the Notorious B.Y.G. for asking me to come out those many years ago.

6. Bobby Knight threw a chair, Lou Piniella kicked dirt, and Joe Mikulik threw 3rd base. What do you think your trademark move will be?

From all the pics I’ve seen from our first bouts this season… it looks like standing still showing little to no emotion at all. BFF seems to be the animated one on the bench. Maybe I’ll just be bringing my Zen-like presence?! And a fist pump every once in a while.

Ooh. Ooh. How could I forget so soon? Maybe it’s the “shake it off” !!!

7. Aside from your winning smile and excellent bow tie, what do you bring to the table as OHRG’s new head coach?

First of all, I’m not the Head Coach. There is no hierarchy when it comes to readying this team for the track. It is a culmination of many efforts and especially the result of hard work on the track. So if there’s anything, it’s humility. Either myself or this team, or Coach BFF… we’re only as good as the last bout. And we need to reset, prepare, and focus on working harder for that next challenge. No matter who it is.

8. What is your stance on Gatorade showers?

Let’s save that for when it really matters. But I’d prefer to be showered with “stinky pad, down right disgustingly sweaty girl hugs” after a win.

Interview by Chainsaw, Photos by Chainsaw, Joe Mac, and Dorn Byg.

Copyright 2018 Ohio Roller Derby // Photos by Dorn Byg, Earl Sod, Joe Mac, Candace Moser-Stafford, & Others Where Credited // All Rights Reserved