How did you get into derby?
I was living in a new place, with no friends or family. One time somebody told me, “you look like you’d be good at roller derby”, so thought I’d give it a whirl.

What is the story behind your derby name?
Val (my name) Holla! Because Vikings are BA warriors. And Holla because I’m extremely obnoxious.

What is your favorite position to play on the track?
I’ve been really into jamming. However, blocking and jamming come with their own skill sets, feelings, and personal victories, I feel.

Any honors you have received while being with OHRD?
Blocker to watch in 2014

Do you have any special rituals/how do you prepare for a bout?
By petting my dog, which is totally not a special ritual, pep talking myself, positive visualizations, writing key words on myself to remind me of how strong I am.

What are some goals you have for the end of the season?
I want to be able to jam at playoffs.

Do you have any hobbies?
Pretty into video games. Being outdoors when it isn’t 85+ degrees outside.

Do you have any jobs do you have with OHRD, if so what are they?
Lawless and I tag team events coordination.

What has been your favorite memory so far while playing with OHRD?
Any travel. I love traveling, roller derby, and my teammates. So to add my favorite things together, you cannot go wrong.

Is there any derby gear that you can’t live without?
Olive it. To narrow it down, I’d say skates and helmet.

What is your favorite color?
Crimson and Purple.

Lastly, what is some advice for those that are interested in skating or trying out?Don’t think about it. Just do it. Roller derby is the best sport ever. YOLO, am I right.

Photos by: Matthew Hatcher and Joe Mac

Copyright 2018 Ohio Roller Derby // Photos by Dorn Byg, Earl Sod, Joe Mac, Candace Moser-Stafford, & Others Where Credited // All Rights Reserved