How did you get into derby?

I saw my first derby bout on 5/8/2010 in Cincinnati and was completely enthralled.  The excitement kept me up all night and eventually around 6 A.M.I dragged myself to my computer, went onto the Cincinnati Rollergirls website, and signed up on their recruitment page.  A year later, after many bootcamps and several try-outs, I made the team!  I skated for CRG till the end of 2013 and transferred to OHRG in time for the 2014 season.

What is the story behind your derby name?

It is kind of silly.  One night, during the time I was preparing for tryouts, I had been paging through a gardening magazine and saw an advertisement for some insecticide that promised to ‘Beat the insects in your own Garden of Eden’.  I snickered and thought, “They should call it Garden of Beatin’…hmmm….” and I decided that was a clever derby name so I took it.

What is your favorite position to play on the track?

I love blocking and enjoy jamming, although not very good at it yet.  Therefore I like the pivot position.  It gives me the chance to block and, if the need arises, jam.  The stripe makes me feel powerful, probably because some of my favorite rollergirls that I try to emulate have been very successful pivots.

Any honors you have received while being with OHRG?

SO MANY!  Last year I recieved the Exemplary Sportswomanship Award and Gang Green Outstanding Team Player Award.  This year I was fortunate to have been selected to play on the teams charter which was a huge honor!

How do you prepare for a bout?

I take lots of time hours before first whistle to close my eyes and focus on my job during a jam picturing myself in each position on the track; example “I’m on the inside line. I will not leave the line. I will keep my hips square.  I will not allow the opposing jammer to get past me and the blocker next to me. I will not allow opposing blockers to make me deviate from my mission.” I also like getting to the venues early before the chaos begins to let the excitement build up slowly around me.

Do you have any signature moves?

Well…I have one that is good sometimes and not so great other times.  I tend to turn around and skate backwards a lot, which is great when our wall of blockers needs someone to do a quick brace, but other times it is a detriment because it comprimises ones lateral movement.  Our trainers would say it’s my signature move that needs to be used less, LOL!

Do you have any hobbies?

I foster dogs for a wonderful rescue in Cincinnati called Recycled Doggies, and I love to hike and kayak with my husband.

What jobs do you have with OHRG?

I help with home game bout production

What has been your favorite memory so far while playing with OHRG?

Such a difficult question!  There have been so many in two short years.  My most favorite memories definitely occur during travel games, and our travels to Boston in June 2014 were probably my fondest.  I really enjoyed exploring the city, playing the Boston Derby Dames, watching our A team come back from a huge deficit to win, and the next day closed games against Montreal and New Hampshire.  It was a weekend filled with adventure, derby, and good friends.  You can’t beat that!

Is there any derby gear that you can’t live without?

As I get older and my body gets wrecked a little more each game I find that the knee braces I wear under my knee pads are the gear I can’t live without.

What is your favorite color?

Green, of course!

Lastly, what is some advice for those that are interested in skating or trying out?

Do not let your current skills keep you from your dream of being your own roller derby hero!  When I decided I wanted to be a rollergirl I couldn’t even skate.  I put on a pair of skates and immediately fell right on my butt before my first stride.  For a moment I thought I was making a huge mistake, but then I got up and tried again, and have been doing so ever since.  There will always be new skills to learn, even if you are on Team USA.  Revel in each accomplishment, focus on the next skill, and get back up when you fall.

Interview by: BerMurder Triangle

Photos by: Joe Mac & Intuitive Exclusive

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