Feb 15
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Ohio Roller Derby is proud to be sponsored in part by CD102.5, a local, independently owned and operated alternative radio station in Columbus. Headquartered in the Brewery District, CD102.5’s radio adventure started on August 21, 1990, as CD101 on the dial at 101.1 FM. The station began with the belief that there was a lot of great music not getting played on the radio. There were some success stories around the country of other stations starting up with this mission, and they figured someone needed to start building a great progressive radio station in Columbus.

Almost 27 years later, CD102.5 is now one of the top-rated stations in the Columbus market and the only independently owned alternative station in the top 100 markets in the country. They continue to believe in playing what you won’t hear on any other radio station. The station’s heart and soul is the music, but it is also their listeners and their community.

CD102.5 makes that clear through the support they continue to show – whether it’s by bringing musicians from the local music scene to the airwaves and in person to their famous Big Room Bar, or by sponsoring local organizations like us. They also sponsor local non-profit and cultural events and festivals to help raise awareness about what an incredibly cool, vibrant community the city of Columbus is.

Huge thanks to CD102.5 for their continued support of Ohio Roller Derby as we begin our 2017 season!

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