Mar 28

The Ohio Roller Girls traveled to Toronto last weekend to take part in the Quad City Chaos tournament. A round-robin event, Ohio faced Toronto, Rideau Valley, and Queen City.


Ohio Edges Out Toronto’s CN Power

The OHRG All Stars kicked the weekend off with a win over CN Power. Ohio got off to a strong start, with Phoenix Bunz and the Smacktivist racking up 4 points each. Solid pack work from Ohio’s Ava Tarr, Bratislava Bruiser, Loraine Acid, and Pippi RipYourStockings held CNP jammers Kookie Doe and Motorhead Molly (a former Tri-City skater) back in the first two jams.

Not to be outdone, Bambi and Motorhead Molly each respectively sped through the pack to quickly answer for CN Power, shifting the score to 12-8.  Although Kookie Doe was sent to the penalty box on a track cut the following jam, Ohio’s Loraine Acid had trouble with Bruiseberry Pie and Nasher the Smasher, who forced their own track cut, releasing Kookie Doe from the box. Kookie Doe successfully called off the jam despite not being lead jammer and was sent back to the box for an illegal procedure penalty.

Ohio smartly sent Phoenix Bunz to the line, who powered through the CNP pack for 26 points, swinging the score in Ohio’s favor once again. After HellionBOI scored double digits in another power jam for Ohio, CN Power called a time-out to try to quell Ohio’s momentum.


Bratislava Bruiser donned the jammer panty next, scoring 4 points for Ohio with only Ava Tarr on the track to assist her through the pack. In the next jam, though Bambi earned lead jammer status, The Smacktivist was able to sneak through the inside for 2 points while Ohio’s pack held Bambi point-less.

Penalty trouble for Ohio and big scoring runs by Motorhead Molly and Bambi brought the game within CNP’s reach. Ohio’s head coach, Great Scott, quickly called a time-out. With Motorhead Molly in the box, HellionBOI tacked on 15 more points, bringing the score to 98-60. A late call off by Bambi and another by The Smacktivist left the score at 100-68 in favor of Ohio at the half.


The bout was heavy with penalties on both sides, 25 for CN Power and 19 for Ohio, going into the second half. The Smacktivist started things off for Ohio, scoring 4 points. Motorhead Molly quickly got around for lead in the next jam while HellionBOI remained trapped in the pack. Solid teamwork from Pippi RipYourStockings and Phoenix Bunz resulted in a track cut on Motorhead Molly. HellionBOI passed the panty to Phoenix Bunz, who capitalized on the power jam with 10 points. Jamming again for Ohio, Bunz scored another 10 points.

With the bout nearly over and both teams riddled with penalties, Ohio lost MVP Phoenix Bunz and Loraine Acid as both fouled out of the game.  Ohio had a momentary lapse, with another big scoring run by Motorhead Molly and Bambi. The Smacktivist put up a 20 point jam as Ohio’s defense quickly adapted, with Pippi RipYourStockings, Ava Tarr, Bratislava Bruiser, Amy Spears, Kill Basa, and Burnadeath rotating in and out to keep CN Power shut out for the rest of the bout. Ohio came out on top 201-155.

Scoring for Ohio: Phoenix Bunz (80), The Smacktivist (41), HellionBOI (39), Kitty Liquorbottom (28), Loraine Acid (9), Bratislava Bruiser (4).

Ohio’s All stars also defeated Rideau Valley (371-88) and Queen City (211-125). Gang Green fell to Toronto’s Bay Street Bruisers (207-112). Congratulations to Phoenix Bunz (All Stars) and Bigg Rigg (Gang Green) for being named team MVPs.









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