Faster Pushycat

How did you get into derby?
Years ago, I had started to get into yoga but the handstand poses aggravated my carpal tunnel syndrome to the point I could not do the simplest inverted poses. In the search to find other group physical activity, the transition from yoga to roller derby was a no-brainer as it disallows use of hands and forearms. True story.

Do you have any other hobbies?
I’ve gotten away from it but I used to be an avid participant of 18th C. Living History events. More recently, watercolor painting.

Who inspires you?
My friend and former teammate, Hellblazer, now founder and coach of the Silver Bridge Bruisers. She has achieved great things just by taking one step at time and never giving up the big picture even when the little things don’t work out just right.

Also my Dad and Grandfather who were master carpenters. They taught me if I’m going to do something, just keep trying until you get it right, so now I have an unrealistic sense of perfectionism.

And Kermit. How can he possibly hear and see and know all those things at the same time he’s making all those calls and yelling all that stuff???? Will I ever be able to do that???? It’s like he knows what every single skater is doing on the track all at the same time. Or so it appears to me.

How/why did you pick your derby name?
“I never try anything, I just do it! Wanna try me?” ~Varla

Do you have any pre or post bout rituals?
Twice, I’ve gone to bouts before and forgot my jersey so I always check and double check I have my jersey and a pair of socks. Usually that means laying them out the night before on top my skate case, then at some point, moving them from skate case to purse, from purse to tote bag, then back to skate case, and etc. That way, when I get to a bout, I have totally lost track of where they ended up so I can have a micro-freakout in the ref room. Yes, that always helps.

How has derby impacted your life?
An athlete is the last comprehensible thing I could ever conceived of becoming involved with, and lastly– a referee. All those rules!

Derby forces me to be somewhat social during my periods of severe hermit-ism, and provides a plethora of people when I’m feeling more outgoing. And exercise. The whole thing is about exercise and doing things with my body, and now mind, too since I’ve take up reffing.

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