Become A Volunteer


Looking for a fun and rewarding pastime? The Ohio Roller Derby organization is 100% volunteer run. Skaters, coaches, skating and non-skating officials, medics – the league couldn’t exist without the time and effort of our incredible volunteers.

What are the benefits of being a volunteer?

Being a part of OHRD is fun and rewarding! Meet new people, support the fastest growing sport in the world, and support a local, grassroots effort.

How do I become a non-skating official for OHRD?

Contact us at to set up a time to attend a scrimmage. Once you decide that derby is where it’s at, our team of officials will train you on WFTDA rules and procedures.

What does it take to referee for OHRD?

In addition to attending most scrimmages and bouts, you must be able to skate or be willing to learn. All volunteers are trained on WFTDA rules and procedures, but referees are expected to study the rules outside of practice. Contact us at for more information.

Where can I learn more about being a roller derby player?

The best route into our league is through our 101 Clinics and our OHRP rec programs. We also hold open tryouts once per year, generally in the Fall.

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