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Ohio Roller Girls tripple header against Burning River Roller Girls (Cleveland, OH) and the Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls (Bloomington, IN)

What is the WFTDA?

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association is the governing body for women’s flat track roller derby, and a membership organization for the leagues to collaborate and network. The organization develops and maintains the standardized rules for roller derby, in use by WFTDA member and non-member leagues internationally.

The WFTDA also serves as the sanctioning body for flat track roller derby games, hosts playoff and championship tournaments, sets safety standards, provides roller derby insurance to athletes and leagues, and serves as a networking venue for flat track roller derby leagues to share resources and get advice. There are currently 177 WFTDA member leagues.

What is a WFTDA-sanctioned bout?

A WFTDA-sanctioned bout is a a regulation match played between the chartered, or “all-star,” teams from two different member leagues. These matches are reviewed by WFTDA Games officials before they are granted sanctioning, and the results of the bout count towards the leagues’ ranking. Due to differences in league structures, most WFTDA leagues also play non-sanctioned matches either between local home teams (members of the same league playing against one another), or between “farm” teams of less-experienced skaters from different leagues.

These WFTDA-sanctioned bouts consist of two 30-minute periods with a halftime break. One bout generally takes around 1 ½ to 2 hours. This is depending on timeouts, injuries, or other interruptions in play.

Where can I find the WFTDA rule set online?

The full rule set can be found on the WFTDA website.

What are WFTDA rankings and how are they determined?

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association recently implemented a new divisions system. The new program revamps the Regional Playoffs tournaments into a new organization-wide tournament seeding structure, which distributes leagues across Playoffs based on organization-wide ranking rather than geography based ranking. This Competitive Divisions System hinges on a new math-based, membership-wide ranking of member leagues via the WFTDA Rankings Calculator, promoting more even competition in the WFTDA Big 5 tournament system.

Rankings are released by the WFTDA on a bi-monthly basis


Where does OHRD rank and why does it matter?

OHRD is currently ranked #31 in Division I of the WFTDA.  For Playoffs, the top 40 teams are invited for Division I tournament play.  The teams taking the top 3 spots during each Division 1 Playoff go on to the WFTDA Championship. The 4 Playoffs and the Championship tournaments are referred to as “The Big 5.”

*info taken from WFTDA.com

Unofficial Ranking Systems

Derby sparks a lot of passion amongst its fans. There are several unofficial rankings systems out there using various algorithms to determine team standings.

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