#89 Peach Roulette

peach roulette
Number of years playing derby:
Zero? I’m new! I am a 2019-season Rookie.

How did you get into derby?
People have been telling me that I would love roller derby for perhaps ten years. I finally signed up for a WannaBe Clinic with OHRD in January 2018, when a friend expressed interest. Ultimately she forgot and didn’t attend, but I went anyway and tried out the following September – after skating all year with the OH Rec League!

What are your other hobbies?
I love to dance and sing, to cook, and share food and fun with my family and friends. I’m also a bee keeper!

Who inspires you?
Martin Luther King, Jr.

What is your sports background?
I did kung fu and kick boxing during high school. I’m an urban bicyclist and former pedicab driver, and I do funky aerial dance stuff for exercise (mostly static trapeze).

How/why did you pick your derby name?
Peach Roulette is also my performer name. I use it for stilt walking gigs with The Amazing Giants, and aerial performances. “Peach” was originally part of my model name from The Dolls of Evolved (formerly “Peaches O’Malley), and is in reference to my fair complexion. When I began dancing with The Ooh-Las-Las in 2010, my first performance featured hula hooping. The “Roulette” part of my name comes from that, since a hula hoop goes around and around like a roulette wheel (and derby players go around the track like one too)!

My number, 89, is in reference to my younger brother Luke’s birth year. Perhaps no other number has had such a large and wonderful effect on the course of my life!

Do you have any pre- or post-bout rituals?
I’m still creating these since I’m new, but let’s just say that pre-bout I’m fretting, and post-bout I’m eating tacos.

Do you have a favorite or signature derby move?
Laughing loudly!

How has derby impacted your life?
I’ve learned a lot of new-to-me skate skills, and it’s marvelous that there’s still so much to learn! I deeply appreciate that the complexity of derby puts me outside of my comfort zone. It’s also a strong and vibrant community that I enjoy being a part of!

Any other fun facts about yourself?
I’m a Gemini, ya’ll. Cheers!

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