#48 Ka-Pouch!

Number of years playing derby:
Less than 1 year

How did you get into derby?
I was a competitive figure and synchronized skater growing up, but in college, it’s hard to come by scholarships for that. I ran into some friends and started playing rugby! 10 years and two knee surgeries with a few hospital scares later, I decided to retire. The same friends got me to try derby and it was a combination of my favorite two activities…hitting people and skating!

What are your other hobbies?
I’m part of a safety professionals society and a chair member for a central Ohio chapter. I coach Little League for Clark County Shining Stars. I love all sports and am always down to try to new things.

Who inspires you?
This is a hard one! I was raised by some really cool folks and have been inspired by their hard work as well as the great people I meet along the way. Everyone has a story and it’s fun and interesting to hear them all.

What is your sports background?
Figure skating, rugby, all sports – I’ll try anything new at least once!

How/why did you pick your derby name?
Drunken rugby socials – I can’t remember to answer to anything else, so it followed me.

Do you have any pre- or post-bout rituals?
I like to get hyped up and do the same for others.

Do you have a favorite or signature derby move?
Jumping–it’s just fun!

How has derby impacted your life?
Moving to a new city. Derby has become a passion and I’m eager to see how it goes!

Any other fun facts about yourself?
I have a classy side…it’s not shown much, but it’s there!

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