#319 Kegel Scout

Number of years playing derby:
About 3.

How did you get into derby?
I’ve been roller skating (fast) since I was five. I needed to find a way to keep roller skating. Also, good derby people are the best people I know.

Do you have any other hobbies?
I love coloring and playing with my dogs and painting nails and reading nonfiction and telling people I’m going to do a podcast. Hopefully someday I will do a podcast 4 real.

Who inspires you?
My best friends. They are brilliant, hilarious, and the kindest people I know. I’m married to one of them. #hot

What is your sports background?
Once I ran a half-marathon. I am very competitive, so I love group fitness. Nothing like being the best at the swim aerobics class. Mind you, everyone else is 70, but it still feels good. Many thanks to Ethel, my swim aerobics instructor, may she rest in peace. (jk) (maybe)

How/Why did you pick your derby name?
I worked, reluctantly, at the Boy Scouts for a time. I invited my boss and coworkers to my first bout and
it me, Kegel Scout. Troop 319, batches.

Do you have any pre or post bout rituals?

Do you have a favorite or signature derby move?
Falling down/getting back up.

How has derby impacted your life?
I have a lot more bruises now. But srsly, I love this game and these people. I want so many tattoos commemorating this love.

Any other fun facts about yourself?
I’m a super famous writer. Also, I tend to be hyperbolic.

Copyright 2018 Ohio Roller Derby // Photos by Dorn Byg, Earl Sod, Joe Mac, Candace Moser-Stafford, & Others Where Credited // All Rights Reserved