#2011 Nicold N Deadly

How did you get into derby?

I loved roller derby since childhood. I was shown a Wanna Be ad in the 614, and it was over!

Who inspires you?

First and foremost my mother. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her. (Subtle shout out!) My teammates are my derby heroines. There are A LOT of others..you know who you are, and I’m grateful on a daily basis for each and every one of you!

What is your sports background?

Volleyball, basketball, and track. Oddly, in track I was a sprinter and threw shot put..

How/why did you pick your derby name?

My sister came up with my name. It’s a double play on my legal name, Nicole. I like the connotation of “Cold and Deadly”, plus every grade school classmate with a head cold or allergies pronounced it “NiCOLD” anyways.

Do you have a favorite or signature move?

Not falling or hurting my teammates!!

How has derby impacted your life?

Wow..after rewriting this about 4 times, I just need to say it’s had positive effects on every level. Physically (with the exception of actual injuries!), mentally, emotionally, and socially, I have exponentially benefitted from a sport I adore.

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