#10 Jane, Literally

jane, literally
Number of years playing derby:

How did you get into derby?
As an adult, I felt like I was missing the active lifestyle and team camaraderie I enjoyed when I played sports growing up. Intramural teams were a fun way to scratch the itch, but they aren’t as serious or competitive as I was looking to be.

What are your other hobbies?
I am in an improv troupe called Roosterwolf, with OTRImprov.

What is your sports background?
Soccer, basketball, and softball.

How/why did you pick your derby name?
Jane, Literally allows for some fun word play. Last year I was Just Jane. Next year I might be Jane. Maybe. Who knows?!

Do you have any pre- or post-bout rituals?
Post-bout I skate around hoping to see someone I know that came to watch me.

Do you have a favorite or signature derby move?
The “You Need To Get Lower” is a classic Jane skate style.

Any other fun facts about yourself?

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