#022 Catch Mikachu

catch mikachu
Number of years playing derby:

How did you get into derby?
1. Whip It, and 2. I signed up for the Roller Derby Club in college during welcome week, but had to stop going because I didn’t have time for it. Then I decided to seek out leagues near me after graduating.

What are your other hobbies?
I like to think everything is my hobby. Skateboarding, gymnastics, rugby, taiko, volunteering for things, running, doing races (currently training for a half Ironman), love working out! 😀 , surfing, getting random certifications in things, basketball, napping, watching shows. You know, whatever.

Who inspires you?
My dad and just about any and all female athletes or women who have risen in their field and done great things.

What is your sports background?
Gymnastics and basketball.

How/why did you pick your derby name?
Well, the name picked me, really. When I was in fresh meat my trainers caught wind of Mikachu being a nickname of mine, and so that’s what they all called me. Then when it was time for me to pick a name they were like, “Oh you don’t have to use it,” and I was like, “Well, it’s already a thing.” And for my number I picked 022 because all the other numbers I wanted were taken. I’m not much of an even number person, but I added Catch to my name, which is a taunt to those blockers but most importantly it created a “Catch 22” component.

Do you have any pre- or post-bout rituals?
I have to shower, shave my legs, and do my makeup. Then I like to eat a big meal about 2 hours before, usually a Chipotle burrito.

Do you have a favorite or signature derby move?
I like jumping over people’s butts on the line.

How has derby impacted your life?
I would say through derby I’ve been able to branch out into other things, things that I don’t think I would have really had the opportunity to do otherwise.

Any other fun facts about yourself?
I’m gay. There’s nothing more fun than that. 😛

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